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  4. Ok we will fix it ASAP
  5. Last week
  6. pls make buster sword upgradable so it will be useful tnx
  7. Please include the ff. concerns and suggestions for your huge update. 1. Kindly Increase the duration of EDP. 2. Enable Devo in PVP. 3. Increase drop rate of some boss cards specially in Biolab dungepn 3. 4. Less the Cost of Card Remover, 2m is too much especially to the newbies. 5. Reduce cells of Asura. I noticed that it has 5 cells. Thank YOU & more power Mayaan Server. God bless.
  8. up please.
  9. Earlier
  10. please reduce the required amount of Card remover from 2M to 250k. its to expensive thank you.
  11. --Added Point Trader Shop ingame -It is located on Prontera Town and Headquarters. -You can convert your Silvervine fruit / Mvp Points for Hourly Points --Added Items on Hourly Point Shop NPC -Check it ingame --Fixed some bugs
  12. Ok noted. We will fix it
  13. the diiference between the two weapons weight is 5 only..but the diff. in aspd is too high
  14. Well due to weapon weight sir. Weapons also has weight that can reduce the characters attackspeed
  15. Items Garb Proxy, +10vm, +7mjol, int+3, dex+3 drobe,horn of buffalo, +0vm, v.set, diablo set, +10% reduce variable attacl shadow walk (from horroc factory) and many more. Cards Thana, tgk, belze, gr, devi, gtb, vrc,eclipse, askydun quest cards and many more. Pm me ingame "Son Goten"
  16. why is it they have different aspd..they r both using doppel???any explanation??
  17. Sir, I noticed that asura has a 4 cells when it is casted as per RMS it's only 2cells and also please reduce the delay for sonic blow so we can put phreoni on the infil not doppel. thank you.
  18. This program is a big help for you to have less ping in game it has expiration of 7 days but you can make another account after it expired. Just watch my video. If you have other question just message me here. Thank you =) -Son Goten bandicam_2018-01-23_12-56-00-774_-_Join.mp4
  19. can you implement renewal maps? so we could explore more and do more quests also please add the two guild dungeons you said it will be available to the castle owners but the siege in those maps are not coming every day we do HTF quests etc etc its the same thing everyday can you give us something different to do? ALSO we will be helping new players to start we'll be giving starting items and helps and supplies to make this community grow just pm us
  20. done on latest patch. jan 21 2018
  21. Edit: Added Disabled Teleport skill on PVP
  22. --Increased ASPD of Mjolnir to match doppelganger card ASPD. --Added 85ms Fixed Delay on Skill[Tarot Card of Fate]. --Fixed Skill[Tarot Card of Fate] now it cannot dispell FCP. --Added some additional transcendent skills on plagiarism copyable. -Sacrifice -Napalm Vulcan -Magic Crasher -Acid Demo -Pressure -Meteor Assault -Soul Destroyer -Champion Palm Push Strike --Changed Bash skill damage formula from 400% to +400% (it does more damage now).' --Increased Atroce Card ASPD Trigger Chance. --Decreased damage of Cart Termination when using Memory of Thanatos card. --Shield Chain now uses Weapon Element as per RMS. --Skill [Demonstration]/[Bomb] can now be stacked. --Skill [Demonstration]/[Bomb] duration reduced to 30s. --Disabled Teleport skill on PVP Servers are now online. Enjoy!
  23. i am currently fixing some bugs and other things right now as of this moment. any reminders? Maintanance time 11:30PM - 11:45PM GMT+8 (Jan 21, 2018)
  24. You're welcs. I'll be posting next different guides for different types of jobs.
  25. Ok sorry for the inconvinience. We will update this skill. Thank you
  26. Thank you for the info. I forgot to edit the post.
  27. Wow! an in depth guide on how to start on our server. Thanks for sharing this
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