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      NEW DONATION PROMO UNTIL NOV 25,2018   10/17/2018

      +50% Credits on donation for minimum of 200 PHP / 4 USD donation
      plus free 5 pcs Halloween scroll! and For Every 10 USD spent players can choose from Package 1:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Arch Angel Wing
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 2:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Fallen Angel Wing
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 3:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      30 HD Bradium
      30 HD Carnium
      5 pc halloween scroll Players can have mixed packages.
      Donation Link: http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=donate
    • Deviant

      [Event] Pintados Festival Activated!   11/19/2018

      Pintados festival is now activated!
      You can now create your "Agimats" on Tattooist




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Mayaan server is a unique server based on aeRO 2008 by Kinko & Bean.

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