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  1. --Added Point Trader Shop ingame -It is located on Prontera Town and Headquarters. -You can convert your Silvervine fruit / Mvp Points for Hourly Points --Added Items on Hourly Point Shop NPC -Check it ingame --Fixed some bugs
  2. done on latest patch. jan 21 2018
  3. Edit: Added Disabled Teleport skill on PVP
  4. --Increased ASPD of Mjolnir to match doppelganger card ASPD. --Added 85ms Fixed Delay on Skill[Tarot Card of Fate]. --Fixed Skill[Tarot Card of Fate] now it cannot dispell FCP. --Added some additional transcendent skills on plagiarism copyable. -Sacrifice -Napalm Vulcan -Magic Crasher -Acid Demo -Pressure -Meteor Assault -Soul Destroyer -Champion Palm Push Strike --Changed Bash skill damage formula from 400% to +400% (it does more damage now).' --Increased Atroce Card ASPD Trigger Chance. --Decreased damage of Cart Termination when using Memory of Thanatos card. --Shield Chain now uses Weapon Element as per RMS. --Skill [Demonstration]/[Bomb] can now be stacked. --Skill [Demonstration]/[Bomb] duration reduced to 30s. --Disabled Teleport skill on PVP Servers are now online. Enjoy!
  5. i am currently fixing some bugs and other things right now as of this moment. any reminders? Maintanance time 11:30PM - 11:45PM GMT+8 (Jan 21, 2018)
  6. Wow! an in depth guide on how to start on our server. Thanks for sharing this
  7. --Fly wing Cannot be used on pvp, gvg, battlegrounds --Butterfly wing Cannot be used on pvp, gvg, battlegrounds --increase Thanatos card drop rate from 3% --Reduced Celine kimi's HP --Increased Bapho jr Spawn Quantity --Increased Horror Toy Factory Mob Card Drop to 5% --Moved Giant Cruiser Spawn to Gonryun Dungeon Level 2 --Increased Card Drop rate of Giant MVPS (Giant Cruiser, Giant Sting, Giant Thara frog) to 10% --Reduced Spawn time of Giant Cruiser, Giant Sting, Giant Thara frog & Flamering to 3 Hours Respawn. --Moved Flamering Spawn to Yuno Field 6 --Changed FFA Token of Siegfried 5PCS Reward to Token of Siegfried BOX(5pcs) --Increased Moonlight Flower Card Drop to 6% --[Fixed] Stalker Plagiarism Skill
  8. Done. Except #1 & #2
  9. Well i am busy right now IRL so our GM's are making it up on events and some things to keep you entertained. i wish i could finish some of my works this week so we can have an update! yey!. and to fix some bugs Well just letting you know i am still alive and i am always reading the forums :). just post the suggestions and i will implement it when im free (Jan 18 onwards? lets pray). For now enjoy the game & events and invite more players! so we can all enjoy our community together!
  10. What skills cannot be copied?
  11. We can always change it to the players liking, we just need to formulate the damage again to balance it. also if most of the players agree with this we can work it out right away.
  12. dice event has been fixed on the latest patch
  13. -[Fix] Automated Dice Event NPC -[Fix] Emperium Breaker test NPC -[Fix] High Jump skill (Now working on pvp room) -Disabled High Jump skill on woe -[Fix] Hatred Can now be used on emperium. -New Beginner Items on First Character creation. Field Manual(10x)"; Bubble Gum(5x)"; Beginner Bow(5x)"; Beginner Sword(5x)"; Beginner Mace(5x)"; Bound Doppelganger Card(1x)"; Hourly Points(50x)"; Novice Potion(300x)"; Novice Fly Wing(20x)"; Novice Butter Fly Wing(20x)"; -Fixed Changesex NPC -Added Automated Event "Free for all" Every 2 hours (can be found on Prontera) -Like last man standing -Participating will automatically get you 5 Pvp points upon death -Winning the event will give 20 Pvp points and 5 Token of siegfried. -Increase Rider Insignia drop rate from 0.15% to 3% -Disabled "Butterfly Wing" on PVP and GVG(WOE) maps. -Added NPC "Player Request NPC" (can be found on Poring Market,Prontera & Headquarters) It's a questing board which everyone can post request on it and let other to complete it for reward. Features: Set a title for the request Set a requested Item or Zeny on the board (Or Both) Set a reward Item or Zeny on the request -Increase Doppelganger Card Effect by from 25% Aspd to 30% Aspd. -Frost Joker skill delay reduced from 500ms to 250ms -Scream skill delay reduced from 4000ms to 250ms -Sharpshooting skill delay reduced from 210ms to 200ms. -Woe Castles Owner Reset -PVP Ladder Reset Patch your clients now!
  14. Noted
  15. There are global delay that is configured on our server that cant be reduced by any other means. but it is only 75ms. using 3 kiel which can reduce 90% of the skill delay will help you attain the max minimum delay. or you can add poem of bragi + 199aspd for experementing with 100% reduce delay. if you use bragi + kiel + 199 aspd, and feel the spam is still lacking we will adjust it Note: Some skills have "Fixed skill delay" like "Cart Termination" that also cannot be reduced by kiel or other delay reduction items.

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