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  1. AUGUST CORE UPDATE VERSION 3 //--------Skill Changes----------// --Added restriction on skill "Jupitel Thunder", the skill now deals -50% damage on Players. --Added 100ms aftercast delay on skill jupitel thunder. --Removed Aftercast skill delay of skill "Soul Destroyer". --Changed "Soul Destroyers" base skill formula to "Physical Total Damage + {(SkillLV * Player's INT) * 11} + Random Damage (500 ~ 1000)" --Increased skill "Enchant Deadly Poison" damage formula to Increases ATK by (163+63*SkillLV)% --Increased str damage formula of skill "Spiral Pierce" to (round.down(10+STR/4^2) --Modified Skill "Holy Cross" damage formula to (ATK+MATK)*(100+35*SkillLV)%. //--------Game Changes----------// --Added a new vending mode "Extended Vending System". Note: You can now VEND items using PODS, Cash, Coin as a Currency to buy items from your shop! NOTE 2: You can also see all logs from your shop through Rodex! --Added Vote for points function on our website. DIRECT LINK: http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=voteforpoints --Added "Vote Shop" NPC on Poring Market. --Disconnected all autotrade vendors hehehehez. --Fixed mvp trials cooldown. should be 23 hours. --Updated Server files to latest rathena revision. rAthena Latest Revision Changelogs: NOTE: This part of changelogs are not purely relevant to the current state of the server. you may skip this part. Development Highlights: CORE: Added new jRO hat effects (b2594f48) Corrected Tarot Card dispelling Clan buffs (f4e8dee5) Removed an extra semicolon typo (3a918fa4) Initial support for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper (fc951469) Moved common, config and mapcache to C++ (801d3ed9) Updated Mado Gear effects (dc413a3c) Resolved some compile issues (1ce3792a) Fixed over refine bonus (105cc3ab) Updated Freezing effects (5e9a23de) Corrected Cloud Kill behavior (f3eab9dd) Corrected Crystallized state effect (375f0ae4, 8e9f7a59) Fixed MariaDB compilation problems (21cb1a22) Synchronized source file headers (11b42569) Fixed CMake on Windows (4633ab5c) Fixed a map-server crash from getitem3 (23f7b945) Added item random options into picklog (d5a815a6) Cleaned up some hardcoded variables (880e227e) Added clan name display (9a7e27b6) Removed useless debug variables for an old issue (55f1b01b) Fixed Silvervine Root Twist animation for players (796a67be) Fixed compiler warnings in malloc.cpp on x86 (a4336fd8a) Enable autobonus to be reactivated (e7fd6aa5) DATABASE: Added lhz_d_n2 and other missing maps, plus its mapflags (f025be5f, 87db2326) Updated Achievement database (ef046159) Fixed Goldsmith Dagger class equip requirement (879ef2af) Fixed Chewy Ricecake and Oriental Pastry bonuses (f6758959) Corrected Variable Cast Rate for Geffen Magic Robe in Renewal (00e518b2) Fixed many items at Pre-RE and RE database (f7c62d28) Added missing maps to map_cache (acebcd38) Fixed Bloody_Roar and Bloody_Roar_C item scripts (e4a80565) Corrected Devil Whisper Costume drops (a215ed97) Corrected End Sektura bonus (4a64eb49) Corrected Sightless Mind range (aef23561) Fixed some accessory being refineable (380dde04, 9c50cd76) Additionally removed refineable value from Dungeon_Ticket (18873555) Fixed Drooping Pope and Imperial Spear item script (1c950627) Fixed Bunker Shield item script (8c4be8db) SCRIPT: Initial release of Morse Cave instance (d388a712) Added Old Glastheim Buffs (7c4d7692) Added Hero Ring exchanger and Enchant NPCs (6c0da909, 967f28ed) Updated custom mushroom script (006efe11) Corrected spelling issues in Dewata Quests (f67b353a) Corrected spelling and made name change in Rune Knight Job Change Quest (87913bcd) Fixed a typo in guildcastles.txt (915c1562) OTHERS: Added Inkfish to mailmap (98e2cfd2) Added Valaris to mailmap (85413183) Added jTynne to mailmap (37330448) Added a build test for GCC-8 (4044966e) ==================Part 2================== Development Highlights: CORE: Added a 'force' option to attachrid (b3643bfe4) Fixed broken guild notices (b3a51eaa) Fixed logging of #CASHPOINTS and #KAFRAPOINTS (ce9cbd2e) Added possibility to log without attached player (3faf7004) Added support for packet sending map data 0xAC5 (145b60f7) Added Guild Storage Expansion Skill (e13ca63c) Fixed a bug with warlock's spheres (cea5ad71) Corrected SC_MTF_CRIDAMAGE bonus not triggering (6b148d5c) Refactored roulette system (fe7c0a78) Missing returns for inarray and countinarray (500cfdc4) Added empty packet functions for private airship (74efc7d6) Cleaned up Summer 2 code (b2c026d4) Corrected some item bonuses not triggering (fdd24756) Pets should mimic master's walk speed (042b8862) Fixed Guild Storage Expansion skill saving (bfd7af34) Replaced HID timer function parameters in a macro (c4d7dc76) Freezing and Burning can occur at the same time (1a6bc209) Negative MDEF should not increase damage taken from magic (030443c9) Initial Release of Attendance Feature (a5588dd9) Updated max recovery weight to 70% for renewal (b409936f) Resolved Guild Storage Expansion not updating (bbe552d1) Cleaned up the mapflag system (a942853d, 93139226) Fixed missing curly braces in reloadscript (123303ef) Fixing party death icon in newer clients (95c3aed8) Fixed a bug with disable_items script command (6b3f0717) Fixed EXP bug and added failsafe to family check functions (952ac43e) Cleaned up map data storage (584fcac4) Fixes channel command crash (3de9a44f) Initial release of private airship system (8dea04a8) Fixed walk_choices's type (a05ed6e8) DATABASE: Fixed incorrect drop_id in quests (1b72f727) Updated Shield Spell behavior (d612788e) Updated Axe Mastery behavior (20a72e0c) Updated Masquerade effects (f2437f4a) Adjusted Amistr's Defense behavior (3de58247) Adjusted Shield Chain range (eeb01923) Corrected TWO skills according to aegis datas (cd05eb15) Update Airship Assault Monster stats (7717c1e6) Corrected Spiritual Sphere Absorption and Cursed Circle interaction (4f97c749) SCRIPT: Fixed issue with Gunslinger Manual (e4eddc3e) Fixed rate for HD material in shadow refiner npc (f9797109) Added comments in custom quest_shop.txt (84299027) Added extra npc checks (6e8599cd, 6b19b72d) Corrected Archer Training bug (532e043) Added Academy monster re-spawn (4db212bf) Fixed quest warning in quests_amatsu.txt (12f62e63) Implemented Banquet for Heroes ep 16.1 (7a8ac464) Added extra nowarpto on some maps (f1f47091) Fixed npc location for Lutie quest (58eadcda) Fixed a mistake in 2008 headgear quest (fa4021d2) OTHERS: Updated travis script (a8b7476c) Fixed a few compiler warnings on clang (91169d7e) Update tools/config.pl (62ac5be4) Added .editorconfig file to force editor settings for certain file types (3165e521) SERVERS ARE NOW ONLINE! PLEASE PATCH YOUR CLIENTS BEFORE PLAYING!
  2. GUILD OF THE MONTH AUGUST! Guild of the Month Schedule: Guild of the Month Mechanics: 1. The Guild who earns the most points by the end of the Month will become the GUILD OF THE MONTH! 2. For Every 3 Consecutive GOTM win streak, the 3rd win will have the corresponding castle point x2 2.1 Example if your 3rd win is in a 25 point castle(Fadhgrindh) you will receive 50 points. 3. For all participating Guilds. All GOTM Points Can be exchanged to ITEMS after GOTM. Guild of the Month Rules: 1. The Guild of the Month Follows the General Rules of the War of Emperium! 2. Breaking the guild after you occupied the castle is not allowed! 3. All Participating Guild Emblems should be visible and easy to see. 4. No Duplicate/Identical Guild Emblems! 5. Respect the decision made by the Game Masters 6. Game Masters have the right to change the rules depending on the circumstances as they see fit to bring balance to the game. 7. Failing to follow the rules set by the Game Masters are subject to Penalties &/or Sanctions &/or Disqualification. Guild of the Month Prizes: Winner Prize: 25 PCS Customized Upper Costume, 1 Customized Heagear (Any Heagear Effect Except PVP ITEMS) , 5,000 Geffen Magic Contest Coins, 3,000 Platinum Coins, 3000 Yggdrasil Berry Coupon , and 300 Event Token Boxes 4 Pcs. Assorted Vesper Gear Consolation Prize (With Atleast 50 GOTM Points): 3,000 Geffen Magic Contest Coins, 3000 Platinum Coins, 1000 Yggdrasil Berry Coupon, and 200 Event Token Boxes Consolation Prize (With Atleast 20 GOTM Points): 1,000 Geffen Magic Contest Coins, 1000 Platinum Coins, 1000 Yggdrasil Berry Coupon, and 200 Event Token Boxes
  3. OFFICIAL LIST OF GUILD MEMBERS THAT HAVE CLAIMED THEIR PACKAGES Remember where you started, even if you join other guilds in the future. Guild Name: Unpopular Guild Member Name: Jan Rae Cortez Guild Member's IGN: Prototype Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: http://Www.facebook.com/xkn1fer02 Guild Member's Name: Marvin Resoso Guild Member's IGN: Lord Mael Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/admiral.pitbull Guild Member's Name: Gineces Romblon Guild Member's IGN: Hehez Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/gncsrmbln Guild Member's Name: Gilbert Galicia Jalandoon Guild Member's IGN: Trinity Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/gb.0331 Guild Member's Name: Adriie Abiera Guild Member's IGN: Vv o vV Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/blipskie Guild Member's Name: Paul Torres Guild Member's IGN: N a o t s o g u Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/torttorres Guild Member's Name: Adriann Rivera Guild Member's IGN: Riri Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/riveraadriann Guild Member's Name: Lynjo Enego Guild Member's IGN: iLynjo Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/lynjo.clemens Guild Member's Name: Louis Abeleda Guild Member's IGN: Commoner Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/louis.abeleda Guild Member's Name: Conrad Kenneth Ng Guild Member's IGN: Bobo Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/conrad.ngs Guild Member's Name: CupidJr Demafiles Guild Member's IGN: Xanxus Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Jhayarskiii Guild Member's Name: Mark Anthony Blancaflor Guild Member's IGN: 1Treze3 Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Farewellrejector Guild Member's Name: Zai Jaylo Guild Member's IGN: Zaito Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Djayjaylo Guild Member's Name: Ray Ann Anaviso Guild Member's IGN: PallyGingGutom Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Rayannanaviso Guild Member's Name: Mark Joseph Rodriguez Guild Member's IGN: Sha ena Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Markjoseph.rodriguez.75 Guild Member's Name: Arvin Magboo Prago Guild Member's IGN: Yukihira Soma Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/Arvin.prago Guild Member's Name: Aaron Nalud Guild Member's IGN: Draco Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/eerroonn
  4. OFFICIAL LIST OF GUILD MEMBERS THAT HAVE CLAIMED THEIR PACKAGES Remember where you started, even if you join other guilds in the future. Guild Name: Project Mayhem Guild Master's Name: Ivan Rom Tinio Guild Master's IGN: Sinon Guild Master's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/ripvansoul Guild Member's Name: Darhyl Robles Guild Member's IGN: Gagaran Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/XiaoDeviL Guild Member's Name: Tonex Vergara Austria Guild Member's IGN: Guild member Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/tonex.dvx Guild Member's Name: Ronald-Allan Villanueva Japsay Guild Member's IGN: Jing Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/ronaldallan.v.japsay Guild Member's Name: Jim Malixi Guild Member's IGN: ITS A GGWELLPLAYED Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/jimmalixi Guild Member's Name: Richard John Maigue Guild Member's IGN: Champ ArJaY Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/arjay.maigue Guild Member's Name: Ronnie Japsay Guild Member's IGN: Ronakz Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/nierojapsay Guild Member's Name: Diego Kenneth Villanueva Guild Member's IGN: P U G A K Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/pugak.tugak.587 Guild Member's Name: Joseph Brady Guild Member's IGN: Les Paul Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/ZqweErtyRuioO Guild Member's Name : Lleo Fall In Game Name: Eeyon Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006317235490 Guild Member's Name: Efren Zolas Jr. In Game Name: Kurz Waber Guild Member's Facebook Account Link: https://www.facebook.com/100000146654519
  5. WINNER IGN: Draco & Penguin Kill Time: 11minutes, 30seconds
  6. August Core 2 Update //--------Skill Changes----------// ~High Wizard|=====|Jupitel Thunder|=====|Added Sebas Enchantment up to +250% damage|=====| ~Assassin Cross|=====|Enchant Deadly Poison|=====|Changed Formula to 50+65*SkillLv|=====| ~Creator|=====|Summon Marine Sphere|=====|Increased max summon upto 5|=====| ~Assassin Cross|=====|Soul Destroyer|=====|Increased Sebas Enchant up to +20% damage|=====| ~Gypsy_Clown|=====|Vulcan Arrow|=====|Increased Sebas Enchant up to +90% damage|=====| ~Soul Linker|=====|Spirit of the Assasin|=====||=====|Modified Sonic Blow bonus to +25% on PVP & +10% on GVG/WOE|=====| ~Assassin Cross|=====|Sonic Blow|=====|Removed Sebas Enchant|=====|Reduced Linked Damage|=====| //--------Game Changes----------// --Changed the Prontera Map Design. --Added "Event Shop" NPC: This NPC got some rare items and costumes (Upper & Middle). --Added New Automated Event "Disguise Event" NPC: This npc gives 2pcs. Event Token as reward. you can use this to buy on "Event Shop". Runs 15 Rounds. Every 2 Hours. --Revamped the prices and items on "Hourly Shop" NPC. --Increase "Hourly Points Per hour gain" to: 25, 30 ,35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 ,65 ,70, 75, 80 with total of 630 Hourly Points in 12hours. --Added New items on "PVP Shop" NPC. --Added [Siege Sets] on "PVP Shop" NPC. --Moved location of "Refine Master" NPC to prontera 164 155 --Moved Dice portal location to a more suitable place in the middle of prontera. --Added "Kalbolaryo" Healer & Buffer & FCP NPC inside "MVP Trials" instanced dungeon. --Added "Repairman" NPC inside "MVP Trials" instanced dungeon. --Temporarily disabled Rune War NPC. --Added New Sebas skill enchantment "Jupitel Thunder". //--------Item Changes----------// --Added New item "EVENT TOKEN". use this item to buy items on the "EVENT SHOP" NPC. --Reduced Weight of item "Poison Bottle" to 0.1 --Reduced Weight of item "Speed Potion" to 1 --Reduced Weight of item "Speed Potion Box" to 1 --Fixed Effect of item "Rapid Life Potion" from the hourly shop. Also Guild Registrations System for claiming Gpack is now open! CLICK HERE Servers are now online. Patch your clients now!
  7. Guild Registration System Guild Registration System is made for Guilds to be officially recognized by the server. Officially Recognized Guilds will have the following benefits: Eligible to claim Guild Packages. All future members that will join the guild can claim Guild Member Package. Able to participate on Guild Exclusive Events! How to register your Guild and Claim Gpack? 1. The Guild Master should post here their application FORMAT IS: Guild Name: Guild Masters Name: Guild Masters IGN: Post a picture of your Guild from the game with at least 6 members online (including Guild Master). Guild Masters Facebook Account Link: Pioneer Member 1 Facebook Account Link & IGN: (ex. https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100016627963500 (IGN: Deviant) Required minimum of Upto Pioneer Member 5 Facebook Account Link & IGN....... [Read the Qualifications] 2. After posting, We will inspect your Guild and if qualified we will create a Facebook Groupchat with you and your pioneer members. 3. When approved, We will make an 'Official Guild Forum Thread' exclusive for your Guild and add you to the list of 'Officially Recognized Guilds'. 4. The Guild Master will be given [Guild Master Package] and each Pioneer Member will receive [Guild Member Package]. How to claim your Guild Member Pack if you are not a pioneer member? If you join a Guild that is already an "Officially Recognized Guild" by server, you can claim your [Guild Member Package] and the guild you will be joining will receive a bonus [Recruitment Package] for supplies. 1. Join the guild of your choice (Must be an "Officially Recognized Guild") inside the game. 2. Post the application here. FORMAT IS: Guild Name: In Game Name: Post a picture of your character with the guild window open. Facebook Account Link: [Read the Qualifications] 3. After posting we will check your account and pm you on facebook. 4. When approved you will receive a [Guild Member Package] & your Guild Master will receive a bonus [Recruitment Package] for supplies. Qualified Reward: (Keep in mind that you will already have various Freebies upon first time login on new accounts.) Guild Master: Safe to 9 Weapon Certificate 10 Safe to 9 Armor Certificate 15 Proof of Power Box 1 Toad Card (Askydun Requirement) 1 Gym Pass Box 1 Allstat Food plus 10 60 Platinum Coin (Exchange on Coin Master for 10m Each) 300 Yggdrasil Berry Coupon 500 Premium Special Enchantment Ticket 30 Special Enchantment Ticket 50 Silvervine Fruit 3000 Ignition Potion 100 Siege Plate [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Suit [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Robe [1 (Account Bound) 1 Siege Manteau [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Muffler [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Greaves [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Boots [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Shoes [1] (Account Bound) 1 Guild Member: Safe to 9 Weapon Certificate 4 Safe to 9 Armor Certificate 9 Toad Card (Askydun Requirement) 1 Gym Pass 7 Premium Special Enchantment Ticket 10 Siege Plate [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Suit [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Robe [1 (Account Bound) 1 Siege Manteau [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Muffler [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Greaves [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Boots [1] (Account Bound) 1 Siege Shoes [1] (Account Bound) 1 Guild Recruitment Package: HE Bubble Gum 10 Yggdrasil Berry Coupon 100 Convex Mirror Box(30) 1 Allstat Food plus 10 10 Ignition Potion 10 All items descriptions: NOTE: If you have any questions please contact our Game Masters here on forums or on Facebook Page.
  8. I will investigate this
  9. MVP TIME TRIAL EVENT MECHANICS: 1. Maximum party member of 2 (TWO) ONLY! 2. Clear the MvP Trial as fast as possible. 3. Only the TOP 10 fastest clear will get the prizes! 4. Players need to post their screenshot on this forum thread following the requirements shown below a. The party window must be open to show that you are only 1 or 2(max) inside the dungeon. b. The Screenshot must show the time used on announced in the chatbox FAILING TO FOLLOW THE MECHANICS WILL RESULT TO DISQUALIFICATION. PRIZES! TOP 1 - 2000 GMT COINS, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 2 - 50 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 3 - 40 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 4 - 30 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 5 - 35 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 6 - 30 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 7 - 25 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 8 - 20 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 9 - 15 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER) TOP 10 - 10 Zero Scroll, 20 REBIRTH EGG, 1000 Platinum Coin for the team. (NOT PER PLAYER)
  10. Item to PODS is back for 2 days until august 7 only!
  11. TOP PVP LADDER FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST(ONLY TOP 1 to TOP 10 ARE ELIGIBLE FOR PRIZES) RANK NAME Streak KILLs DEATH TIME 1 Draco 29 630 209 7/10/18 08:59 PM 2 Guild member 10 484 258 7/15/18 03:56 PM 3 Boonk Gang 27 379 73 7/17/18 12:47 PM 4 Les Paul 11 369 1930 7/6/18 11:49 PM 5 Ronakz 15 284 258 7/19/18 08:01 PM 6 XxNICAxX 30 234 98 7/8/18 01:17 AM 7 Wakanda Forever 20 231 98 7/8/18 05:27 PM 8 Champ ArJaY 8 211 225 7/17/18 12:04 AM 9 Kurenai 24 188 50 7/8/18 01:18 AM 10 Magi 6 147 125 7/13/18 09:44 PM 11 Eeyon 6 142 163 7/8/18 04:30 AM 12 Sinon 9 126 59 7/8/18 02:58 PM 13 TheChosenOne 6 114 54 7/19/18 08:15 PM 14 Champion 7 108 77 7/10/18 09:08 PM 15 Kanser 9 103 62 7/9/18 10:18 PM 16 CCnC 8 102 63 7/9/18 09:02 AM 17 XxZroxX 45 94 31 7/6/18 11:54 PM 18 Lordie 14 88 20 7/7/18 11:12 AM 19 Philosophy 6 82 42 7/8/18 10:11 PM 20 Buchii 11 81 31 7/7/18 09:52 PM TOP PVP STREAK RANK NAME Streak KILLs DEATH TIME 1 XxZroxX 45 94 31 7/6/18 11:54 PM TOP MVP LADDER RANK NAME MVP 1 M o r g a n 3914 2 xX 2HAX4U Xx 3697 3 Eeyon 1382 4 xHUNTERx 1236 5 Assassin 1234 6 NICS 170 7 Black Panter 168 8 Draco 143 9 Penguin 117 10 Champ ArJaY 100 11 Akame 50 12 Katsuto 48 13 Lapiss 36 14 Les Paul 35 15 Rezuri 22 16 Boonk Gang 16 17 Brawler 16 18 Trunks 10 19 Dawn 8 20 HawkShit 7 TOP EMP LADDER RANK NAME EMPBREAK 1 Jing 155 2 Pori 70 3 Guild member 46 4 Sweet Lew 42 5 ITS A GGWELLPLAYED 40 6 Chaos 36 7 Donovan Mitchell 29 8 Pikachu 14 9 Chemotherapy 13 10 Windbreaker 13 11 Rage 12 12 Commoner 11 13 Kanser 10 14 Trinity 9 15 ooIoo 7 16 Assassin 7 17 Yanagi 7 18 TheChosenOne 6 19 J i n g 4
  12. AUGUST CORE 1 UPDATE //------------- Class Changes -----------------------// --Added +27 Base Dex on Job "High Priest". --Removed -7 Base Str on Job "High Priest". --Added +10 Base Agi on Job "High Priest". --Removed -10 Base Int on Job "High Priest". --Added +8 Base Dex on Job "Champion". --Added +5 Base Dex on Job "Ninja". --Added +5 Base Agi on Job "Ninja". --Increased Base HP of job "High Wizard". --Increased Base HP of job "Soul Linker". --Increased Base HP of job "Gunslinger". --Increased Base Weight of job "Gunslinger". //--------Skill Changes----------// --Assassin Cross|===========|Sonic Blow|===========|Added Sebas Enchantment|===========||===========| --Assassin Cross|===========|Grimtooth|===========|Change formula to (100+50*SkillLV)% ATK|===========||===========| --Assassin Cross|===========|Soul Destroyer|===========|Changed 1st formula to Physical Total Damage + {(SkillLV * Players INT) * 10} + Random Damage (500 ~ 1000)|===========|Added 60ms aftercast delay|===========| --Champion|===========|Throw Spirit Sphere|===========|Changed formula to (100+75*SkillLV)%ATK|===========||===========| --Creator|===========|Acid Demonstration|===========|Added Fixed Cooldown of 60ms|===========|Increase Sebas Enchant from 10% to 20%|===========| --Creator|===========|Bomb|===========|Removed Fixed Cooldown & Aftercast Delay|===========||===========| --Gypsy_Clown|===========|Vulcan Arrow|===========|from 1600% to 2100% damage|===========|Increase Enchant damage from 40% to 70%|===========| --High Priest|===========|Holy Light|===========|Increase max damage from 200% to 1000%|===========|Changed Link damage bonus to +300% holy light damage.|===========| --High Priest|===========|Assumptio|===========|Increased Max Duration to 7min|===========||===========| --High Wizard|===========|Storm Gust|===========|Increase Enchant damage from 30% to 50%|===========||===========| --High Wizard|===========|Lord of Vermilion|===========|Increase Enchant damage from 30% to 50%|===========||===========| --High Wizard|===========|Gravitation Field|===========|Increase max damage to 26k|===========|Changed damage interval to 200ms per hit.|===========|Added 9 second fixed cooldown, --High Wizard|===========|Meteor Storm|===========|Reduce Aftercast delay from 1600ms to 1000ms|===========|Increase Enchant damage from 30% to 50%|===========| --Paladin|===========|Shield Boomerang|===========|Increased Linked Damage by +400%|===========||===========| --Paladin|===========|Shield Chain|===========|Reduced aftercastdelay from 210 to 160|===========||===========| --Sniper|===========|Blitz Beat|===========|Changed formula to ([DEX/2] + [INT/2] + 3*Steel Crow SkillLV + 40)*2)|===========||===========| --Sniper|===========|Falcon Assault|===========|Reduced aftercastdelay from 210 to 100|===========|Changed formula to (BlitzDmg) +([DEX] + [INT] + (150+70*SkillLV))%|===========| --Sniper|===========|Wind Walker|===========|Removed Aftercast Delay|===========||===========| --Sniper|===========|Focused Arrow Strike|===========|Removed Fixed Cooldown|===========||===========| --Soul Linker|===========|Spirit of the Priest|===========|Changed Link damage bonus to +300% holy light damage.|===========||===========| --Soul Linker|===========|Spirit of the Crusader|===========|Increased Linked Damage by +400%|===========||===========| --Soul Linker|===========|Esma|===========|Reduced aftercast skill delay from 160ms to 100ms|===========||===========| --Star Gladiator|===========|Flying Kick|===========|Increase Combo damage with Running by +50%|===========||===========| --Star Gladiator|===========|Running|===========|Removed Aftercast Delay|===========||===========| //--------Game Changes----------// --Added 0.10% to 0.95% "PODS drop chance" on Selected MVP Monsters list below this post. --Set minimum players on "Rune War" to 2. --Added New Instance Dungeon "MVP Trials" located at Askydun: Req: Minimum Level to enter is 265. 250M Entrance Fee. Rewards: 4 pcs. Carnium every round clear. 10 pcs. Zero Scroll for Trial Completion. Bonus 1 pc. Rebirth Egg if the player complete the Trial within 45 minutes. --Removed "July Gacha" from shops --Reduced Price of item "Zero Scroll" from hunting Shop from 1000 to 200. --Added item "Allstat Foods" on Hunting Points Shop. --Added item "Assumptio Scroll Box" on Hunting Points Shop. --Added Party Bonus exp +20% per party member in the same map. --Removed MVP Arena (All MVP on MVP Arena will now spawn normally in their respective maps and will be counted as MVP on MVP Ladder.) Affected "MVP's" are: Eddga Mistress Maya Moonlight Phreeoni Orc hero Orc lord Turtle general Drake Doppelganger Osiris Lord of death Dark lord Baphomet Pharoah Incantation samurai --Increased Holy, & Ghost Garment Enchant Resist on Sebas from 20% to 30%. --Added Ghost Element Enchantment on Elemental Master (WARNING THIS IS THE RAREST AND HARDEST TO GET ELEMENT ON ELEMENTAL MASTER). --New Fallen Hero Item List: LVL 10 agi box(10 scroll) LVL 10 bless box(10 scroll) Megaphone Box(10) Equipment Repair Spell Book Enriched Elunium (10 pcs) Enriched Oridecon (10 pcs) Convex Mirror Box(30) Bubble Gum Box(10) Token of Siegfried Box Gym Pass HE Bubble Gum Premium Rebirth Egg Infinite Concentration Potion Infinite Awakening Potion Infinite Berserk Potion Infinite Fly wing All Stat Foods Safe to 9 Armor Certificate Safe to 9 Weapon Certificate Gym Pass Box Assumptio Scroll Box Captain's Hat Baseball Cap Love Dad Cap Duneyrr Helm Helm Of Dragon --Increased MVP HP. //--------Item Changes----------// --Increased Duration of "Assumptio Scroll" effect to 5 minutes. --Added New Weapon Skill Enchant "Sonic Blow" Max 15%. --Reduced "Ring of Resonance" Tarot Card of Fate autocast chance. --Reduced "Sniper Card" lifesteal percentage from 30% to 25%. --Increased AspdRate bonus of item "Lunakaligo" from 5% to 10%. --Added "Kiel effect" on item 'Fenrir Card'. --Modified item "Poison Bottle": can only be consumed by Assassin job classes. --Increased Bloody Branch Price on Cash Shop from 300c to 1000c. --Some custom items can now to sold to npc's & ITEM TO PODS Shop: Proof of Donation Chopper Hat Karu's Accursed Hyegun Hat Luck'O irish Hat Maya Helm Rune of Prophecies Skeggoid Cap Tilt Hat WinRAR Hat Note: Doing this also enables players to use pods on "PLAYER QUEST" NPC. --Disdabled all other items on ITEM TO PODS Shop except these: Proof of Donation Chopper Hat Karu's Accursed Hyegun Hat Luck'O irish Hat Maya Helm Rune of Prophecies Skeggoid Cap Tilt Hat WinRAR Hat --Modified item "Rune of Prophecies": --New Effect: --Has a chance to chain bolt skills when casting a Cold Bolt spell. --Colt Bolt > Fire Bolt > Lightning Bolt --Additionally adds dex based on the refine amont of your Rune of Prophecies+Armor+Top Headgear+Manteau/6 Making a maximum of 6 dex possible. NOTE: We removed the autocast of bolt on normal attack for rune of prophecies. Also the chain casting of Colt Bolt > Fire Bolt > Lightning Bolt this means if you cast Cold Bolt skill you have a chance to activate fire & lightning bolts but if you cast Fire bolt skill you only have a chance to activate Lightning bolt. --Modified item "Elemental Sword": --Reduced chance of auto bolts when attacking. Servers are now online! Patch your clients now! TOP LADDER FOR JULY HAVE BEEN POSTED HERE
  14. Items to Pods Shop is now open! Note: The main reason for the release of items to pods shop is in the preparation for the BIG Update, we think that many sets will change and it is your choice if you want to sell your old items to experiment new builds that will be implemented on the server. The Shop will stay until August 4, 2018 We are planning to revive the classic builds from the old aeRO Mayaan 2008 and re-balance the server. NPC IS LOCATED AT PORING MARKET 96, 86 Servers are online!

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Mayaan server is a unique server based on aeRO 2008 by Kinko & Bean.

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