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  1. error on Horror toy factory when opening loot boxes npc on map
  2. +69
  3. +69 to this
  4. +69 to this.
  5. and other items from merry gachabox are not tradable please make it tradable
  6. +69 to this
  7. +69 to this
  8. Wala bang pa new year? hahaha
  9. petmalu talaga to. merry xmas
  10. When: ???TBA Where: ???TBA Abangan sa 6969 Oras ang mga nagbabagang balita...
  11. petmalu lodi boss amo ten castles yon master lord god
  12. pls promo on xmas pls
  13. +69 for this comment, we are tired of killing atroce and am mut. add more quest for more variation plsss
  14. IGN: Hung Hanks FB Profile:
  15. +1 sana mabalik, hirap i hunt non napaka dami at ilang gabi yon

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