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      [Event] Pintados Festival Activated!   11/19/2018

      Pintados festival is now activated!
      You can now create your "Agimats" on Tattooist

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      New Donation PROMO! Until Jan 25 Only!   12/22/2018

      +50% Credits on donation for minimum of 200 PHP / 4 USD donation
      +10 Pcs Antonio's Nutsack.

      and For Every 10 USD/500PHP spent players can choose from Package 1:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1pc Phreeoni Wings - http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/20859/
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal Package 2:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1pc Happy Shield - http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/28929/
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal
      50 pcs Coagulated Spell Package 3:
      1pc Seven-Days VIP Card(Tradable)
      5pc Blessed Refine Box Package 4:
      1pc Seven-Days VIP Card(Tradable)
      50pcs Bloody Branch Package 5:
      30pc HD Bradium
      30pc HD Carnium
      30pc Blacksmith Blessing
      Players can have mixed packages. Donation Milestone:
      For Every 60$ Spent within one month span.
      You can choose 1 of the following items: Mighty Black Threaded Armor[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15283

      Battle Surcoat[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20860

      Immortal Dog Tag[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/32204/undead-corpse-dog-tag-1

      Donation Link (Paypal): http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=donate

      For Gcash (if you dont have paypal):   


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