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  1. can you implement renewal maps? so we could explore more and do more quests also please add the two guild dungeons you said it will be available to the castle owners but the siege in those maps are not coming every day we do HTF quests etc etc its the same thing everyday can you give us something different to do? ALSO we will be helping new players to start we'll be giving starting items and helps and supplies to make this community grow just pm us
  2. its too low sir in the old aeRO using katar and 99 luk + Dset will give sinx a 100% crit rate even WS that are using Dset do 100% crit but here I use 2 bris ( LUK + 20 ) using Specialty jur and lvl 265 sinx 9/10 attacks are critical
  3. you need to increase the crit rate of death set
  4. + 69
  5. 3 kiel + 199 aspd + poem of bragi too much hassle
  6. we owned the whole pront and payon the last two siege before entong ( werpa ) captured the kriemhild in the last siege I played lol so what main castle are you talking about? geffen?
  7. we havent received the Siege prize for the last two woe I think.. the first two woe we received it but the next two we didnt..
  8. Pia Wurtzbach agrees
  9. okay but what about rider's insigna [1] from byorgue thor volcano 3 only spawn 5x byorgue every 30mins and the drop rate is 0.15% I know 10/10 of player will agree even if we use HE Bubblegum the drop rate will only be 0.45% we need EXTREME LUCK to get this item so please change it and we need to upgrade it too so we need a lot of this this will give us more work therefore this will make us spend more time in game thank you more power
  10. why does the nidhogg shadow garb droprate is 3.75% when the real drop rate is 20%? the quest is very long so 20% or more is very reasonable
  11. gm how do I use the bradium and carnium?
  12. hello sir can you increase the drop rate of cards in horror toy factory 0.1% is too low and the mobs number is limited they wont respawn again if you already killed them all please consider atleast like the mvp cards
  13. guildmaster only sir?

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