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  1. okay if you say so but aspersio can be spammed I guess we need to bring hundreds of converter
  2. you really should disable aspersion in woe' it's unfair it will make the breaker miss it's almost like a basilica not fair not fair fix it now
  3. Hi I just found out about this bug can you please fix it this level 1 free cast in FMA effects when I use high jump skill my movement becomes slower afterwards and it stays too long can you please fix or remove this free cast almost all character in mayaan is no cast so there is no need for this skill plus it has bugs
  4. okayy I will be waiting thanks a lot
  5. ignored OK>
  6. soul breaker sinx
  7. but please consider my point
  8. sorry my bad Acid demonstration always had this -50% damage to other players its just that old aeRO mayaan modified the skill
  9. Hi I think you need to adjust the script of acid demonstration skill I can see that we are an updated server like iRO but in iRO updates acid demo is nerfed too much it now has -50% damage to other humans in old aeRO even without gods you can deal 4k each total of 40k per acid bomb to players without ghostring here I am wearing mjol ( INT ) LKH 2pcs of brisingamen and I tried to acid bomb my friend without his armor on and it only deals 2.9k to 3.2k I understand that this calculation is correct because the acid demo now has -50% damage to other humans so the calculation below will be divided by 2 I tried acid bombing my friend with full def and it only deals 198 damage each making it 1980 per acid demonstration please consider changing this because if you don't creator class will become useless full chemical protection is available in askydun and even if you remove the FCP buffer people will never main creator just to FCP other players in old aeRO creators are big part of the siege but here creators are just FCP buffers because the damage of acid demonstration is too low please understand that iRO nerfed this skill because iRO is not a 255 server also iRO is in renewal now and they have 3rd jobs so acid bomb is not a big deal to them
  10. is that a shadow poring card?
  11. can you implement renewal maps? so we could explore more and do more quests also please add the two guild dungeons you said it will be available to the castle owners but the siege in those maps are not coming every day we do HTF quests etc etc its the same thing everyday can you give us something different to do? ALSO we will be helping new players to start we'll be giving starting items and helps and supplies to make this community grow just pm us
  12. its too low sir in the old aeRO using katar and 99 luk + Dset will give sinx a 100% crit rate even WS that are using Dset do 100% crit but here I use 2 bris ( LUK + 20 ) using Specialty jur and lvl 265 sinx 9/10 attacks are critical
  13. you need to increase the crit rate of death set
  14. + 69

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