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      Pintados festival is now activated!
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      New Donation PROMO! Until Jan 25 Only!   12/22/2018

      +50% Credits on donation for minimum of 200 PHP / 4 USD donation
      +10 Pcs Antonio's Nutsack.

      and For Every 10 USD/500PHP spent players can choose from Package 1:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1pc Phreeoni Wings - http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/20859/
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal Package 2:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1pc Happy Shield - http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/28929/
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal
      50 pcs Coagulated Spell Package 3:
      1pc Seven-Days VIP Card(Tradable)
      5pc Blessed Refine Box Package 4:
      1pc Seven-Days VIP Card(Tradable)
      50pcs Bloody Branch Package 5:
      30pc HD Bradium
      30pc HD Carnium
      30pc Blacksmith Blessing
      Players can have mixed packages. Donation Milestone:
      For Every 60$ Spent within one month span.
      You can choose 1 of the following items: Mighty Black Threaded Armor[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15283

      Battle Surcoat[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20860

      Immortal Dog Tag[1] - https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/32204/undead-corpse-dog-tag-1

      Donation Link (Paypal): http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=donate

      For Gcash (if you dont have paypal):   


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  1. Welcome to Mayaan Server Table of Contents Server Information Official Server Contents Instances Custom Server Content Novice ground support Hunting Points and Shop Voting Points Hourly Points Mall Cash Shop POD Shop Custom Map Headquarters and Main towns Server Information This server is a Renewal Server with contents up to 16.1 Banquet of Heroes. The server officially launched this Oct 14, 2018. This server name was based from the popular server of AERO from the year 2000. The owners of which are FANS!! The server rates can be found HERE. Official Server Contents Instances: 1.Endless Tower 2.Sealed Catacomb 3.Orc's Memory 4.Nidhoggur's Nest 5.Mistwood Maze 6.Malangdo Culvert 7.Octopus Cave 8.Bangungot Hospital 2F 9.Buwaya Cave 10.Bakonawa Lake 11.Wolfchev's Laboratory 12.Old Glast Heim 13.Eclage Interior 14.Sara's Memories 15.Geffen Magic Tournament 16.Horror Toy Factory 17.Faceworm's Nest 18.Ghost Palace 19.Devil's Tower 20.Assault on the Airship 21.Fenrir and Sarah 22.Nightmarish Jitterbug 23.Isle of Bios 24.Morse's Cave 25.Temple of the Demon God 26.,Central Laboratory 27.Last room 28.Charleston in Distress 29.Ritual of Blessing 30.Room of Consciousness 31.Sky Fortress Invasion and many more to come Note: Pre-requisites of each instance need to be completed before you can gain entrance. Some instance have entrance warper with the Warper NPC. Custom Server Content Novice Ground Support: After making an account and entering the game, you will find yourself in the novice grounds. You first task would be to locate the npc in the east side of the map. Talk to him and you will be transported to Eden Headquaters Map of Eden HeadQuarters Below are the relevant NPC and their Pictures: The Freebies NPC Note* After claiming your freebies with this npc, try to follow THIS requirements for the second Freebies. The Gramps NPC and Kafra NPC respectively. The Job Changer and Mr. Magnifier. The Warper, Tool Dealer, Mall Warper NPC and Healer. Further, once you get your Fallen Angel Wing, you can have the same enchanted for free and 5m per reset in the Valkyrie across the room to the east. It has the same enchant as IRO. Mall The Mall is divisible into 4 Parts. The First one would be the Basic Necessities Part. This is the area where you get your basic weapons and armors. 2nd, The Ammo and Quiver NPCs. 3rd Sub 1, Healer, Battle Potion Dealer, Warper and Coin Master. Note* The coin master exchanges Zeny to Coins; Coin to Zeny : 1M == 1 Plat Coin and 100k == 1 Mithril Coin. 3rd Sub 2. From Top to Bottom, Vicious Enchanter* , PODs Shop, Hunting Point Shop, Santa Claus and Point Trader** Note* Vicious Enchanter enchants weapons obtained from the Sky Fortress known as Vicious Weapons. Enchanting is free and cannot be reset. Note* The Point Trader exchanges MVP Points to Hunting Points, MVP Stones to Hunting Points and Zeny to Cash Points (CP). Rates: 1 MVP point = 50 hunting points; 1 MVP stone = 10 Hunting points; 1M Zeny to 20 CP. Items from Santa Claus in exchange for Platinum Coins 3rd Sub 3, The Exit NPC, Street Dealer and AlchemistS. Note* Notable things that they sell are the Bottles for Acid Demonstration and EDP for Assassins. The 4th and Most Important NPC: Deviantz Quest Note* You can find the items craftable HERE. Hunting Points These are acquired from trading with the Point Trader NPC in mall. Voting and Event Points Voting Points are obtained by voting for the server and Event tokens are obtained from Event Boxes and using them will give you event points. These are acquired from participating in event such as disguised and others. The Voting and Event Shop is found in the Poring Market. Hourly Points This feature is self explanatory. Basically you get 1 point every minute you are online. Being able to accumulate 480 points would allow you to talk to the Fallen Hero located at the second floor of Mayaan Headquarters which is accessible through the warper as special area. Additional Points are given. LINK Cash Shop Items can be purchased by Cash Points which can be obtained either by using Cash Vouchers which can be obtained in gramps or by exchanging zeny to cash points with Point Trader NPC. PODs (Proof of Donation) Shop In plain or unequivocal words, DONATION SHOP! Note* It is now available to craft some of the donation shop items. This is to encourage farming and grinding. Custom Map Askydun This requires a quest to enter. The quest is found HERE. Mayaan Head Quarters This is the Mayaan HQ second floor where the fallen Hero can be found. Once you reach the 480 points you make talk to this guy and claim your prize. This is random. In the first level of this area you will find these NPCs: 1. The MVP Ladder - It tell you the rank of people and the number of MVPs killed. Every month the top 5 are rewarded. LINK 2. The PVP Ladder - It tell you the rank of people and the number of PVP kills they had. This is tallied monthly for rewards. LiNK 3. Player Quest - This NPC enables the player to make a quest for other players and then gives the designated reward. 4. Breaker Rankings - It ranks the players who have broken the emperium and number of times. 5. Ripped Cabus - Gym passes are given to him in exchange for an increase in weight capacity. Main towns Poring Market and Izlude City The Poring Market This is the main place where people hangout and chat with other players. In the north side of this area you will find this NPC. the small guy "WORLD BOSS" This little guy serves as the record of where WORLD Bosses spawned and when they will expire. Killing them is a pain in the ass. It is recommended to fight in teams. More Info HERE. Rewards are cash vouchers x100. Going further this map you will stumble upon these guys in the REFINEMENT AREA. These guys function the same way as official servers. The GM implemented an improvement wherein you can use Bardium and Carnium as protection. A set number of such item is required. So that when refining from 1 - 10, there is no chance of it breaking. However when Enrich Oridecon or Elunium is used, it serves merely to increase the percentage and yet still requires the basic form of Oridecon or Elunium. Having said items, the NPC will automatically sense it and will ask whether to avail of said option. Another option would be to avail of refining with tickets. LINK Normally, it would require the following items to refine. Oridecon + Weapon = Weapon +1 Now, if we are to use Enrich Oridecon it would be like this. Oridecon + Enrich Oridecon + Weapon = Weapon +1 Further if we add protection Oridecon + Enrich Oridecon +Bradium x? = Weapon +1 "?" the amount varies. Izlude City Upon reaching 175, speak to this guy and receive your one time rewards. Additional Remarks and Tips: 1. Make sure to form a guild and have the same registered. LINK 2. Its better to level as a party for more EXP. LINK Thank you for reading!!!

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