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  1. Here are the effects of the Custom Headgears implemented on Mayaan Server which can be obtained through Warm Heart Scroll, Almighty Lucky Egg and June Gachabox Warm Heart Scroll Butterfly Mask[1] Jiraya's Pipe Magical Booster[1] New Wave Sunglasses[1] Memories of Lovers/ Memory of Love[1] _______________________________________________ Almighty Lucky Egg Red Baby Dragon[1] Flying Galapago Divine Angel Nurse Cap[1] Queen Anne's Revenge[1] Owl Viscount Silk Hat[1] ______________________________________________ June Gachabox Cat Ear Beret[1] Asgard Blessing[1] Laser of Eagle[1] Sword Master Crown[1] I will update this post every time the server releases new headgears.
  2. After killing specific MVP monsters on game. Player will be awarded with both silverine and MVP point - With party: 3 Silverine per player on map where MVP is killed - Solo: 5 Silverine and 1 MVP Point per MVP killed You can trade your Points through our Point Trader NPC Conversion rates for 1 Silverine and 1 MVP Point to Hunting Points 1 Silverine = 10 Hunting Points 1 MVP Point = 50 Hunting Points After you finish exchanging them to points. You can now purchase from the Hunting Shop NPC beside her. Note: Every MVP killed increases your Point by 1 on the ladder. And if you are among the TOP 5 highest MVP kills. You can receive prizes. Click Here For More Info.
  3. Hello Guys, We would like to introduce to you that our server offers free almost items with the use of Platinum coins, Proof of Donation(Pods), Hourly Points & Cash points. Please see below attached pictures and guides where you can find ITEM MALL and the locations of the NPCs. PRONTERA OR PORING MARKET Table Of Contents Enchantment System Santa Quest NPC PODs Shop NPC Element NPC 1. Enchantment System Special Enchantment Ticket cost 200 Cash Points Premium Special Enchantment Ticket cost 2,000 Cash Points List of equipments and their maximum Weapon Armor Garment 2. Santa Quest NPC List of Items Inside the NPC. Requirements: Cards - 1 Platinum Coin and 10 Hourly Points Elf King Ears - 20 Platinum Coins and 10 Hourly Points Rest of the Items - 10 Platinum Coins and 10 Hourly Points 3. PODs Shop NPC List of Items Inside the NPC. Requirements: June Gachabox(5 pcs) - 1 POD, 5 Platinum Coins and 10 Hourly Points Warm Heart Scroll(5 pcs)- 1 POD, 1 Platinum Coin and 10 Hourly Points All Headgear Items - 5 PODs, 5 Platinum Coins and 10 Hourly Points 4. Elemental Master NPC Elemental NPC grants your weapon with random element(Ghost not included) with the cost of 3 PODs per enchant Note: You enchant your weapon as many times as you want until you're satisfied with the element It will override the current element of the item. Any elemental converters used will override the current element. Locations of the items: Armors, Headgears, Weapons & Cards NOTE: Hourly points can be obtained when you are online in game for 1 hour. The longer you stay online the higher the points will be rewarded. Auto vend will not trigger the hourly points. Hourly points is continous and it will reset only at 12:00PM Midnight GMT+8.
  4. Hhhhmmm.
  5. Are you sure?
  6. Thats the main purpose of a High Priest also. To support ta emp not just for Buffs'ng players and healing the emp.
  7. +1
  8. Up and updated
  9. Noted. We will fix the issue right away. Thank you for reporting it to us
  10. As Bravo already said what I am gonna have to say. Thank you
  11. Noted
  12. Noted
  13. Ok we will fix it ASAP
  14. Ok noted. We will fix it
  15. Well due to weapon weight sir. Weapons also has weight that can reduce the characters attackspeed

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