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  1. @stats is a command from the admin to view any players current stat build. And as for the damage calculation. We have a test dummy on prontera which can be found by NPC Warper> Special Areas> Training Grounds. There you can test out your build.
  2. Time(GMT+8): 00:00 12:00 02:00 14:00 04:00 16:00 06:00 18:00 08:00 20:00 10:00 22:00 Location: Prontera Gameplay: Just like the NPC name says. All you have to do is guest correctly what monster did the NPC disguises itself Note: ● The first one to enter the correct spelling on the chat box and hit enter will win the round ● NPC doesn't stop until he has a winner of 15 rounds Prizes: 2 Mayaan Event Token per Correct Answer
  3. Time(GMT +8): 03:05 09:05 11:05 15:05 18:05 23:05 Mechanic: A random (edited)Boss Monster will show up at a random map on the time mentioned above or a GM will start the NPC and you will have 5 minutes to gear up and make party to kill the monster. Note: ● Everytime a player warps to the same map where the Boss is. The monster will automatically regenerate its HP by 500,000 ● Once the next spawn time of World Boss will appear. The unfinished one will expire and will be automatically removed from the map where he had spawned without any prizes being dropped. Rewards:
  4. Gameplay Basically Hide and Seek, Players have to find the scattered mushroom all over a specific map and kill them to receive prize. Location : Random Map Time: Every Hour Starting from 00:15. Prize: 1 Mayaan Event Token Box Per Mushroom kill
  5. War Of Emperium Schedule: *Will always be declared on facebook page/group.* Emperium Health: 700 Note: • God Item requirements can be obtain from the masters room if you own the castle after woe. • Game Masters will announce which castle has an additional awards before the game starts. Mechanics: The character to deal the last hit against the Emperium claims the castle. All characters with a different guild, allied or not, will be warped out at that point. Only normal attacks can damage the emperium, as all active skills miss (except Gloria Domini and Gravitational Field). After a castle is claimed, other guilds can immediately re-enter and attempt to break the emperium. The last owner before the emperium disappears at the end of the WoE period holds it until the next period. Guild mates and Allied Guilds are considered allies in castles and can not attack each other. Members cannot be expelled, and alliances cannot be broken, by members inside a castle. The owning guild of a castle has several advantages. Guardians are summoned upon the request of the castle owner's guild leader. They will automatically attack all non-allied characters. Guild members can also click on Flags outside of the castle to be instantly teleported to a specific location inside the castle. Disabled Skills/ Items ( inside castles ) Assumptio Basilica Cultivate Plant High Jump Ice Wall Gospel Teleport Warp portal Meginjord Phen Card Gameplay Changes ● /noctrl does not work; players must hold down the mouse button for normal attacks towards the Emperium. ● Skills doesn't deal damage to the Emperium. ● Damage numbers do not appear. ● /mineffect is automatically activated. ● A character's guild emblem is shown above their head. ● Death does not cause experience loss and you will be automatically warped to your savepoint. ● PvP points are enabled inside the castle. ● All knock back effects are disabled. Some skills like Cicada Skin Shed, Shadow Leap and Phantom Thrust may lose some functionality due to this. ● Equipment preventing skills to be canceled during casting (phen card and similar items) do not function.
  6. Octopus Cave This quest or instance can be repeated. This quest or instance has a three hour cooldown period Octopus Cave Requirements Base Level: Item(s) (Not Consumed): Octopus Hunting Stick or VIP Rewards Quest Reward(s): Ability to fight Disgusting Octopus Talk to Starfish (mal_dun01 151, 235) . Select 'Let me in!' to reserve the instance. You must have an Octopus Hunting Stick in your inventory. Talk to the Weird Entrance to enter the instance. You will see four exits in the corners of the room you land in. Pick one, and walk down it. You don't need to kill the monsters on the way, but you may want to. At the end of the hall, there will be an Octopus Leg. Kill it. Repeat this process for each of the other three legs. After killing the last leg, you will be teleported back to the middle. Buff up, and walk north to fight the Disgusting Octopus. Around the room with the Disgusting Octopus, Octopus Legs and Octopus will spawn frequently. Focus on killing the boss - he has 500,000 HP, and his normal attacks don't hurt that much, however, his waterball is painful, and he may be able to use Earthquake. He drops High Weapon Box, White Potion 100 Box, and several Coin Bags. These will drop Malangdo coins. Come back in 3 hours to do it again.
  7. Hazy Forest This quest or instance can be repeated. This quest or instance has a One and a half (1.5) hour cooldown period. Hazy Forest Requirements Base Level: 99, (95 for reborn characters) Party: 1+ Player(s) Quest Prerequisite(s): None Rewards Quest Reward(s): Ability to fight Lost Dragon, Passage to Bifrost Field 02 Quest While in a Party, speak with the Laphine Soldierat (bif_fild01 158, 340) and tell him you wish to Venture into the Hazy Forest. After the dungeon is created, speak to the Log Tunnel (bif_fild01 161, 355) just to the north to enter the dungeon. Note 1: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again with with the shortcut Alt+B. Note 2: There is a 2 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed. Note 3: The monster spawn rate is less in the quest Hazy Forest instance than in the normal Hazy Forest. The example of spawn rate difference is in the map database at Hazy Forest #1 In each section: kill the guardian labeled with a blue star chop down the tree labeled with a yellow star In section 12, kill all 13 guardian. Chop down the tree, exit out the portal. Map Red lines are two way portals. Blue lines are one way portals. Yellow islands have a chance to spawn ofLost Dragon. Green islands where there are souls. (The yellow/green circles are the islands with chance of spawn of The Lost Dragon, and souls respectively).
  8. Orc Memory Dungeon This quest or instance can be repeated. This quest or instance has a two (2) hour cooldown period. Orc Memory Dungeon Requirements Base Level: 30 ~ 80 Party: 2+ members Rewards Quest Reward(s): Private Orc Hero Battle With 2 or more people in your Party, the party leader needs speak with Dimensional Gorge Piece (gef_fild10 242, 202) to "Reserve the Orc's Memory". After the dungeon is created, speak to the Dimensional Gorge Piece to "Enter the Dungeon". Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again with with the shortcut Alt+B. Note 2: There is a 2 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed. Once inside, the party leader must speak to Kruger (1@orcs 180,29) to start the instance. To pass each zone on the first map, you must kill the Enchanted Orc in that zone (Enchanted Orcs are identical to Orc Warriors). Kruger explains that each non-enchanted orc you kill will cause a High Orc to spawn near the exit. Depending on the challenge you wish to face, you may kill only the Enchanted Orc, or instead kill everything. If enough Orcs are killed, a large mob of Stalatic Golem will spawn at the end of the 4th zone. The first Enchanted Orc spawns at (142, 87). Killing it opens a portal at (168, 125). The second Enchanted Orc spawns near (106, 108). Killing it opens a portal at (89, 94). The third Enchanted Orc spawns at (32, 44). Killing it opens a portal at (38, 105). The fourth Enchanted Orc spawns near (24, 178). Killing it opens a portal at (21, 189). All monsters on 1@orcs will de-spawn as soon as the last Enchanted Orcdies. On the second map, speak to Kruger again (2@orcs 35, 169). He explains that you will need to extinguish the Braziers to proceed to the next zone. As before, depending on the challenge you wish to face, you may kill only the specific guards, or instead kill everything. If enough Orcs are killed, a large mob of Wraithswill spawn at the end of the 4th zone. Each Orc Zombie killed will respawn as an Orc Archer. Each Orc Skeleton killed will respawn as a High Orc. The Braziers in the first zone are at (27, 164), (55, 154), (108, 145), and (99, 179). After being activated in order, The Chief Orc of Safeguards will spawn at (110, 156). Killing him will open a portal at (48, 100). The Braziers in the second zone are at (35, 92), (33, 70), (71, 30), and (84, 50). After being activated in order, Orc Sniperwill spawn at (67, 64). Killing him will open a portal at (101, 55). The Braziers in the third zone are at (143, 144), (162, 134), (145, 116), and (137, 98). After being activated in order, Depraved Vengeful Orc Spirit will spawn at (156, 147). Killing him will open a portal at (167, 104). After the Depraved Vengeful Orc Spiritdies, a Depraved Orc Hero and Shaman Cargalache will spawn in the 4th zone. When Shaman Cargalache dies, all monsters on 2@orcs will de-spawn (except the Anophles and Orc Hero). Note: If Shaman Cargalache dies at the same moment as another Orc, a bug may prevent the de-spawn.
  9. Endless Tower Requirements Base Level: 50 Party: Yes Zeny: 10,000 (Per Person) Rewards Quest Reward(s): Access to the Endless Tower This quest or instance can be repeated. This quest or instance has a 6 day, 20 hour cooldown period. Overview The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Participating parties make their way up the 100 floor tower, with a special boss encounter against Entweihen Knothen on the 100th floor, and Naght Sieger afterwards. These battles function similar to the Izlude Arena, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards; thus the only ways to leave the tower are to die and respawn, leave the Party, log out, use a Butterfly Wing, or walk into a Warp Portal. The following skills are disabled inside the tower: Teleport Ice Wall Snatch Shield Reflect Fiber Lock Leap Extreme Vacuum Warg Bite Reflect Damage There are no item use limitations, although items that cast one of the restricted skills will fail (such as Fly Wing). Usage of the Kafra Shop item Token of Siegfried is still possible within the dungeon. Note: A memorial dungeon instance cannot be created during the 6 hours preceeding War of Emperium, until War of Emperium is over. Quest 1. In Alberta, talk to Captain Janssen (214, 77) and donate 10,000 Zeny. Captain Janssen's Location 2. Listen to him and agree to be his first mate so he will bring you to the Endless Tower Island. 3. After reaching the island, your party leader must speak with the Tower Protection Stone. They then must generate the Endless Tower Dungeon instance. 4. After an instance is created, the party will have 5 minutes to enter the dungeon, or else the dungeon will be destroyed. If the dungeon is destroyed, the party leader will not be make a new instance for 6 days 20 hours. A party may leave the tower, but they must return to the tower in 5 minutes. The party will have 4 hours to finish the dungeon. If in 4 hours they do not finish, all players in the dungeon will be warped out and sent back to their save points. Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again using the shortcut Alt+B. Warning: If any party member leaves their party while inside the dungeon, they will be kicked out and sent back to their save point! However, they can be reinvited to the party and reenter the tower. Warning: Taming any monster or killing the last monster on a floor with a mercenary will cause the instance to not register the kill, and the portal to the next floor will not open. Each party member is given 2 Ashes of Darkness upon entering the tower. Ashes of Darkness are used to reenter the tower. They cannot be dropped, traded, Mailed or placed in Carts and have 0 weight but can be sold to an NPC or placed in Kafrastorage. If a player is forced to leave the tower, they can re-enter by talking to the stone on the Misty Island again. An Ashes of Darkness will automatically be subtracted from the player's inventory. If the player has no more Ashes of Darkness remaining, he will not be able to reenter. The exit portal on the 1st floor will warp the player to the floor after the most recent boss floor they have cleared. However, the portal does not correctly warp a player to 26, 51, or 76; the player should use the Immortal Braizer instead to get to those floors. The Endless Tower instance lasts until the party either gives up or runs out of time, after which time all players will be teleported out of the dungeon. There is no limit on how many instances a party can create within the 4 hour limit. A new instance can be created under a different party leader if the previous instance was destroyed. Once the time limit is up, there is a 6 day 20 hour cooldown period for all party members in which they cannot enter a new Endless Tower instance. However, additional instances will not allow access to additional MVPs. Floors Blue text denotes a Mini-Boss. Red text denotes an MVP monster. Floor Number Monster Spawn Floor 1 15 Metaling 5 Drops 5 Marin 5 Poporing 5 Poring 1 Mastering Floor 2 20 Desert Wolf 10 Baby Desert Wolf 1 Vagabond Wolf Floor 3 5 Archer Skeleton 5 Orc Skeleton 5 Pirate Skeleton 5 Soldier Skeleton 5 Skel Worker 5 Skeleton Floor 4 15 Argiope 5 Argos 5 Hornet 5 Mantis 5 Rocker 1 Vocal Floor 5 15 Female Thief Bug 15 Male Thief Bug 15 Thief Bug 5 Thiefbug Egg 1 Golden Thiefbug Floor 6 5 Dragon Egg 5 Pecopeco Egg 5 Pupa 5 Thiefbug Egg Floor 7 15 Anopheles 15 Drainlair 15 Explosion 15 Familiar Floor 8 15 Cruiser 15 Firelock Soldier Floor 9 15 Golem 15 Obsidian 10 Stapo Floor 10 25 Giant Hornet 20 Hornet 1 Mistress Floor 11 15 Dryad 15 Hermit Plant 15 Parasite 15 Rafflesia Floor 12 25 Demon Pungus 25 Punk Floor 13 15 Bongun 15 Yao Jun 10 Munak Floor 14 15 High Orc 10 Orc Archer 10 Orc Lady 5 Orc Baby 5 Orc Warrior Floor 15 15 Andre 15 Deniro 15 Piere 5 Ant Egg 1 Phreeoni 1 Maya Floor 16 10 Archer Skeleton 10 Gargoyle 10 Orc Archer 10 Raydric Archer Floor 17 15 Strouf 10 Baphomet Jr. 10 Merman 5 Hill Wind (Spear) Floor 18 25 Cramp 15 Tarou Floor 19 10 Deviace 10 Megalodon 10 Phen 10 Swordfish Floor 20 50 Pirate Skeleton 1 Drake Floor 21 10 Plasma (Purple) 10 Plasma (Yellow) 5 Plasma (Blue) 5 Plasma (Green) 5 Plasma (Red) Floor 22 15 Drosera 15 Flora 15 Hydra 15 Muscipular 15 Mandragora 15 Rafflesia Floor 23 15 Penomena 10 Marse 10 Obeaune 10 Swordfish 5 Hydra Floor 24 15 Carat 15 Joker 10 Jakk Floor 25 15 Cat o' Nine Tails 15 Ninetails 1 Moonlight Flower Floor 26 10 Enchanted Peach Tree 10 Gibbet 10 Stone Shooter 10 Wooden Golem 5 Elder Willow Floor 27 10 Goblin Archer 10 Goblin (Dagger) 5 Goblin (Axe) 5 Goblin (Flail) 5 Goblin (Hammer) 5 Goblin (Morning Star) Floor 28 30 Arclouse 15 Neraid 15 Pest 10 Kukre Floor 29 10 Dark Frame 10 Heirozoist 10 The Paper 10 Whisper 5 Lude 5 Quve Floor 30 30 Evil Nymph 1 White Lady Floor 31 20 Gig 15 Iron Fist 10 Argiope 5 Scorpion Floor 32 10 Goblin Archer 10 Goblin (Dagger) 5 Goblin (Axe) 5 Goblin (Flail) 5 Goblin (Hammer) 5 Goblin (Morning Star) 1 Goblin Leader Floor 33 15 Kobold Archer 15 Kobold (Axe) 10 Kobold (Hammer) 5 Kobold (Morning Star) 1 Kobold Leader Floor 34 20 Flame Skull 10 Giant Whisper 10 Whisper Floor 35 10 Freezer 10 Heater 10 Permeter 10 Assaulter 10 Solider 1 Turtle General Floor 36 30 Anolian 10 Alligator 10 Grove Floor 37 30 Alarm 10 Clock 10 Tower Keeper Floor 38 25 Deathword 25 Rideword Floor 39 10 Evil Nymph 10 Mao Guai 10 Zhu Po Long 10 Taoist Hermit 5 Jing Guai Floor 40 10 Miyabi Doll 10 Shinobi 10 Tengu 5 Firelock Soldier 5 Karakasa 1 Samurai Specter Floor 41 50 Kraben Floor 42 20 Sleeper 10 Mi Gao 10 Sting 5 Hode 5 Sandman Floor 43 40 Side Winder 10 Medusa 5 Anacondaq 5 Boa Floor 44 20 Baphomet Jr. 20 Hatii Babe 10 Baby Desert Wolf 10 Savage Babe 1 Baby Orc Floor 45 15 Mummy 15 Ancient Mummy 15 Verit 1 Osiris Floor 46 20 Beholder 20 Seeker Floor 47 20 Deleter (Sky) 10 Deleter (Earth) 10 Petite (Sky) 10 Petite (Earth) Floor 48 10 Ancient Mimic 10 Ancient Mummy 10 Ancient Worm Floor 49 20 Grizzly 7 Leib Olmai 5 Bigfoot 5 Sasquatch 5 Zipper Bear Floor 50 10 Anubis 10 Matyr 10 Marduk 1 Amon Ra 1 Pharaoh Floor 51 20 Diabolic 20 Mini Demon 10 Deviruchi Floor 52 20 Harpy 10 Blood Butterfly 10 Gargoyle 10 Grand Peco 5 Hill Wind 5 Hill Wind (Spear) Floor 53 30 Shinobi 25 Assaulter Floor 54 10 Chepet 10 Marionette 10 Miyabi Doll Floor 55 25 Medusa 15 Isis 15 Sidewinder 1 Evil Snake Lord Floor 56 15 Ice Titan 10 Freezer 10 Gazeti 10 Hatii Babe 10 Snowier Floor 57 25 Metaling 5 Drops 5 Marin 5 Poporing 1 Mastering 1 Ghostring 1 Angeling 1 Deviling 1 Arc Angeling Floor 58 20 Phendark 10 Rybio 10 Zombie Prisoner 5 Injustice 5 Skel Prisoner Floor 59 30 Ancient Mimic 20 Mimic 10 Mystcase Floor 60 10 Egnigem Cenia 10 Errende Ebecee 10 Kavatch Icarus 10 Laurell Weinder 10 Whickebine Tres 10 Armeyer Dinze 1 Doppelganger 1 Egigem Cenia (Boss) Floor 61 10 Agav 10 Echio 10 Mobster 10 Pasana 5 Isilla 5 Vanberk Floor 62 35 Wanderer Floor 63 20 Ragged Zombie 10 Zombie Master 5 Orc Zombie 5 Zombie Prisoner 5 Zombie Floor 64 30 Ungoliant 2 Ancient Worm 2 Caterpillar 2 Creamy Fear 2 Giant Hornet 2 Killer Mantis Floor 65 20 Galion 1 Atroce Floor 66 20 Incubus 20 Aliot 10 Injustice Floor 67 10 Acidus (Blue) 10 Acidus (Gold) 10 Mutant Dragonoid 5 Deleter (Sky) 5 Petite (Sky) Floor 68 18 Stalactic Golem 10 Ice Titan 10 Lava Golem 5 Golem 5 Wooden Golem Floor 69 20 Dame of Sentinel 10 False Angel 10 Baroness of Retribution 10 Lady Solace 10 Mistress of Shelter Floor 70 20 Orc Baby 1 Orc Hero 1 Orc Lord Floor 71 20 Incubus 20 Nightmare Terror 20 Succubus 5 Nightmare Floor 72 10 Enchanted Peachtree 10 Errende Ebecee 10 Permitter 10 Margaretha Solin Floor 73 20 Loli Ruri 10 Aliza 10 Green Maiden 10 Succubus 5 Alice 5 Zealotus Floor 74 24 Dimik 24 Venatu 6 Archdam Floor 75 20 Baphomet Jr. 10 Dark Illusion 1 Dark Lord 1 Baphomet Floor 76 30 Abysmal Knight 20 Nightmare Terror 10 Nightmare Floor 77 30 Banshee 10 Evil Druid 10 Wind Ghost 10 Wraith Dead 10 Wraith Floor 78 20 Raydric 10 Bloody Knight 10 Dullahan 5 Sword Guardian 5 Abysmal Knight Floor 79 10 Ferus (Green) 10 Ferus (Red) 10 Hydrolancer 5 Deleter (Ground) 5 Petit (Ground) Floor 80 15 Necromancer 1 Fallen Bishop Hibram Floor 81 20 Mysteltainn 20 Ogretooth 20 Executioner Floor 82 10 Agav 10 Bloody Knight 10 Bloody Murderer 10 Injustice 10 Skogul Floor 83 10 Chimera 10 Dark Illusion 10 Gryphon 10 Skeggiold Floor 84 20 Dark Illusion 10 Incubus 10 Owl Baron 10 Owl Duke 10 Incubus 10 Succubus Floor 85 1 Ifrit Floor 86 10 Chimera 10 Gryphon 10 Hydrolancer 10 Majorous Floor 87 20 Kasa 15 Lava Golem 15 Salamander 10 Gajomart Floor 88 15 Anubis 15 Necromancer 10 Ancient Mummy 10 Khalitzburg 10 Wraith Dead Floor 89 6 Odium of Thanatos 6 Despero of Thanatos 6 Maero of Thanatos 6 Dolor of Thanatos Floor 90 10 Baroness of Retribution 10 False Angel 10 Lady Solace 1 Valkyrie Randgris Floor 91 30 Kavatch Icarus 10 Bow Guardian 10 Cecil Damon Floor 92 15 Kathryne Keyron 10 Elder 10 Laurell Weinder 10 Marduk 10 Wind Ghost Floor 93 15 Seyren Windsor 10 Abysmal Knight 10 Bloody Knight 10 Wanderer Floor 94 15 Sword Guardian 15 Bow Guardian Floor 95 30 Hunter Fly 5 Chonchon 5 Dragon Fly 5 Steel Chonchon 1 Beelzebub Floor 96 5 Valkyrie 5 Skeggiold (Brown) 5 Skeggiold (Blue) Floor 97 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Human) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Golem) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Angel) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Ghost) Floor 98 2 Seyren Windsor 2 Eremes Guile 2 Howard Alt-Eisen 2 Margaretha Sorin 2 Cecil Damon 2 Kathryne Keyron Floor 99 Random 7 of the following monster (Can have duplicates): 2 Kathryne Keyron 2 Seyren Windsor 2 Margaretha Sorin 2 Eremes Guile 2 Howard Alt-Eisen 2 Cecil Damon 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Angel) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Human) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Golem) 5 Incarnation of Morroc (Ghost) 5 Valkyrie 10 Skeggiold (Brown) 10 Skeggiold (Blue) 15 Seyren Windsor 10 Bloody Knight 10 Abysmal Knight 10 Wanderer 15 Sword Guardian 10 Bow Guardian 15 Kathryne Keyron 10 Elder 10 Laurell Weinder 10 Wind Ghost 10 Cecil Damon 10 Bow Guardian 30 Kavach Icarus 10 Baroness of Retribution 10 Lady Solace 10 False Angel Floor 100 1 Entweihen Knothen 9 Thorn of Bone 7 Thorn of Magic 5 Thorn of Recovery 4 Thorn of Purity 2 Random Thorns Unknown Area 10 Anopheles 100 Orc Skeleton 60 Wind Ghost 40 Khalitzburg 1 Naught Sieger
  10. Mayaan Renewal Server is now online you can now register an account and login ingame to start your way to the top. Main Website: http://mayaanserver.net/main/ Full Client Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6gtc6lqht9i5hfd/Ragnarok+Online+-+Mayaan+Server.7z Important note: We dont release Lite Installers as for the safety of other players to avoid errors in game and not let you have a hard time playing due to errors. So we recommend only the full installer to experience the full smooth gameplay of Mayaan Renewal.
  11. Thank you for the info. I forgot to edit the post.
  12. Sorry about that
  13. Schedule: Use @time to check. 3:10 6:10 12:10 18:10 Location: NPC at Prontera 142, 176 Game Time: 20 minutes How to play: Click on the NPC to enter the field. Break and defend the emperium until the game ends. The winning guild will be awarded with 50 PvP points each member. How to claim: An NPC will appear at the middle of the map and click it to receive you prize. Note: Only the members of the guild who is inside the field can claim the prize from the NPC. Any members outside the field after the event ends cant claim their prize. Others guilds who does not own the Emperium will be automatically warp out of the field after the event is over.
  14. Dice schedule: Every Hour Location: Warp Portal in Prontera 155 178 will appear and proceed to the portal How to play: 1. Choose from the 4 boxes and stay inside the box 2. Wait for the shoutout on which the number will be rolled If your number matches the one shouted then you can proceed to the next round and it will dice again until only player remain on the map. Losers will be warped to a certain map to collect its consolation while the winner will click on the NPC at the middle and enter his/her name correctly to redeem the prize. Prizes: 20 PvP Points (winner) 5 PvP Points (loser) Note: Sitting/Standing outside the box or on the stairs will result in disqualification.
  15. About Dice Bet Gambling This is a simple game that allows players to gamble zeny with other players using the dice bet command. Commands and How to play: @dicebet <opponents name> <amount> - Sends a dicebet invitation to another player @acceptdb - Accepts the invitation of the player - This must be entered by the opponent - Once accepted the dice will automatically roll @declinedb - Entered by the opponent - Rejects invitation for dice bet @resetdb - Resets the dice bet invitation NOTE: Players must both have the zeny being requested for the dice bet to work. Maximum bet is 500,000,000. Bet Responsively.

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