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  1. Noted
  2. Noted
  3. Ok we will fix it ASAP
  4. Ok noted. We will fix it
  5. Well due to weapon weight sir. Weapons also has weight that can reduce the characters attackspeed
  6. Ok sorry for the inconvinience. We will update this skill. Thank you
  7. Thank you for the info. I forgot to edit the post.
  8. Thank you for the guide. Just an additional If you cannot take down turtle general for its card. Then you can substitute it with archer skeleton card(For Sniper) which gives you 10% additional damage to long range attacks
  9. With the last patch. Weve fix the skill already but we will take a look at it again asap. Thank you
  10. Sinx has a very high chance of inflicting critical damage and as youve said 9/10 is just normal and their job has the highest crit rate. As for WS job it is working normal and cant obtain 100% critical unless with the help of vanberk card. The Death set has not been altered or edited. The effect is thr same as the old mayaan
  11. Well maybe you have switched items and maybe had some additional buffs before. For we havent did anything with the script of thanatos card. It is working just fine.
  12. Death set crit rate are just right.
  13. Noted.
  14. Well as ive said on the other topic suggestion. Before kiels were not yet implemented. So weve made a way for kiels to be useful in the server. So weve calibrated the delays. If You want a reasonable spam delay with additional extra damage. Then use damage items + kiel. And if you wanted to maximize the spam of your char then use 3 kiels if you can.
  15. Post has been edited

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