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  1. Could you please make refine tickets tradable so it would be easy for those buyers and sellers to trade it.
  2. Hello Sir, I just want to follow up my donated customize headgears I'm online in game =) please please.
  3. Hmm for me my suggestion are Less range of tarot skill, increase after cast delay of tarot and reduce percentage effect of Please don't forget me.
  4. Sir nasa makabagong henerasyun na po tayo ngayon, ang sabi po ng admin old aero base ng mayaan hindi nila sinabing exactly the copy of mayaan. hindi nmn 0 delay ang basehan para maging good enough players ka madami pdng gawin sa server na to, ejujustify ko lang kasi syempre d2 ako naglalaro balanced ung server kaya open sa lahat, hindi ito open sa mga spammer like hell na gusto sila lang ung malakas gusto nyo po ba maubos player d2?. kung gusto mo matupad yan ora mismo mag quit tlaga ako. kasi wala dn maglalaro d2 kung ganyan 0 delay, dati rin akong player ng old aero pero hindi un 0 delay.
  5. 1. What is the use of items from Horror Toy Factory? 2. How to Enchant items from Horror Toy Factory? These are the typical questions that we may encounter. Please see pictures below with instructions. - You can trade bloody coins with the following items bellow & trade Items from Horror Toy Factory to a rare Items. See below picture. - When Enchanting the following items you need to equip it first. - This is the location where you can find Horror Toy Factory NPC. Thanks Guys. I hope you understand it all, any further questions just pm me in game or comment here. IGN: Son Goten / Rockman
  6. Notes: * You cannot re-enter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance is completed (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). * It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance and flywing much better if infinite flywing. * All monsters in this instance are Demon race; the boss is Undead race. This is the easiest and shortcut guide that I made. This Quest is one of my favorite place to hunt I've been here for almost 3 months. I wanna share this to help you guys. 1. Go to warper Instances --> Horror Toy Factory. with 2 members in a Party. 2. Talk to Catherine Jet Johnson to Unlock Horror Toy Factory after talking she will warp you inside Horror Toy Factory. 3. Inside HTF Talk again to Catherine Jet Johnson. Choose below picture. 4. After talking to Catherine Jet Johnson. Go to the middle of the map (Use teleport wing) talk to Santa & Antonio then after antonio escaped enter to the portal. 5. After a few seconds all mobs from Horror Toy Factory Will show up. But only Antonio needs to be killed this is the best option if you want to proceed to the next phase or farm bloody coins first before you kill him. I usually hunt/farm Shadow Walk [1] & Bloody Coins with the following mobs. See below. 6. Or You can Jump here after No. 4. kill Antonio. Use teleport wing to hunt Antonio coz He will warp randomly on the map. 7. After Antonio Killed. Go the the Northeast part of the map. Listen the conversation between Catherine and Celine Kimi. When it finishes, Celine Kimi and her phantom will spawn. Celine Kimi Information: - She is Large Size, Ghost 1 Property and Undead Race. - HP is about 30m, Celine Kimi has a clone, and you must deal damage to both at once. Otherwise, they will heal each other to match their current HPs. With My Sin X I Used Baphomet Card using normal attack / For Gunslinger Desperado / For Sniper Sharp Shooting. - Bring them to the corner before hitting otherwise she will keep pushing you outside the square map and Celine Kimi will disappear and you will have to restart to talk to her again. 8. After Celine Kimi is defeated, walk through the southwest portal to treasure room. (No need to teleport). 9. Open thoses Boxes it will drop random items from Horror Factory only. But mostly the drops are bloody coins. Finally You've Finished the quest. Thanks Guys. Next Quest to be posted later. NPC Locations. What is the use of Items from Horror Toy Factoy? How to Enchant items from Horror Toy Factory? IGN: Son Goten / Rockman
  7. Sir Could you please include coupons on your next update? and also make it as one of the prize during woe.
  8. Bravo, Maya card doens't work on tarot, use gtb instead of that as I've observed tarot has high chance effect and also some gypsy's used 3 kiel cards that's why they could easily spam. I understand the point between the two of you. all I can say is they need to balance both job. I also fought with Gypsy with my Prof, Champ, Pally & Sin X but sad to say I can only kill gyspy job with my SIN X & Gypsy as well.
  9. Sir, I have concern regadring my sliep, I almost used 20+ pods to upgrade my sliep but it only came up until +8. why?
  10. Please include the ff. concerns and suggestions for your huge update. 1. Kindly Increase the duration of EDP. 2. Enable Devo in PVP. 3. Increase drop rate of some boss cards specially in Biolab dungepn 3. 4. Less the Cost of Card Remover, 2m is too much especially to the newbies. 5. Reduce cells of Asura. I noticed that it has 5 cells. Thank YOU & more power Mayaan Server. God bless.
  11. up please.
  12. Items Garb Proxy, +10vm, +7mjol, int+3, dex+3 drobe,horn of buffalo, +0vm, v.set, diablo set, +10% reduce variable attacl shadow walk (from horroc factory) and many more. Cards Thana, tgk, belze, gr, devi, gtb, vrc,eclipse, askydun quest cards and many more. Pm me ingame "Son Goten"
  13. Sir, I noticed that asura has a 4 cells when it is casted as per RMS it's only 2cells and also please reduce the delay for sonic blow so we can put phreoni on the infil not doppel. thank you.
  14. This program is a big help for you to have less ping in game it has expiration of 7 days but you can make another account after it expired. Just watch my video. If you have other question just message me here. Thank you =) -Son Goten bandicam_2018-01-23_12-56-00-774_-_Join.mp4

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