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  1. Please include the ff. concerns and suggestions for your huge update. 1. Kindly Increase the duration of EDP. 2. Enable Devo in PVP. 3. Increase drop rate of some boss cards specially in Biolab dungepn 3. 4. Less the Cost of Card Remover, 2m is too much especially to the newbies. 5. Reduce cells of Asura. I noticed that it has 5 cells. Thank YOU & more power Mayaan Server. God bless.
  2. up please.
  3. Items Garb Proxy, +10vm, +7mjol, int+3, dex+3 drobe,horn of buffalo, +0vm, v.set, diablo set, +10% reduce variable attacl shadow walk (from horroc factory) and many more. Cards Thana, tgk, belze, gr, devi, gtb, vrc,eclipse, askydun quest cards and many more. Pm me ingame "Son Goten"
  4. Sir, I noticed that asura has a 4 cells when it is casted as per RMS it's only 2cells and also please reduce the delay for sonic blow so we can put phreoni on the infil not doppel. thank you.
  5. This program is a big help for you to have less ping in game it has expiration of 7 days but you can make another account after it expired. Just watch my video. If you have other question just message me here. Thank you =) -Son Goten bandicam_2018-01-23_12-56-00-774_-_Join.mp4
  6. Notes: * You cannot re-enter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance is completed (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). * It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. * All monsters in this instance are Demon race; the boss is Undead race. Instance To start this quest, go to Lutie (xmas 239, 299) . Talk to the skull-faced girl there to reserve the instance, then click on the transporter to enter the instance. First Phase After the introduction, talk to the Myst Case NPC who will transform your sprite into a Cookie (Red). Keep in mind you need to keep exploring while transformed. Venturing/talking to other NPC's aside from the transformation Myst Case while not transformed will spawn multiple Nightmare Cruisers. There are multiple Myst Case NPCs around the corners of the room; it is advised to speak to them when your transformation duration is about to expire. Kill Vicious Cookies and Evil Dwelling Boxes around the room. After enough are killed, there will be an announcement, and all remaining monsters will die. Move to northwest portion of this room and talk to the Green Cookie. You must be a Red Cookie in order to speak with this NPC. If you are not a Red Cookie, the NPC will disappear for a short while before reappearing, and will not speak to you until you are a Red Cookie. After the dialogue, talk to the new Myst Case NPC, who will transform you into a Myst Case. Player must be a Myst Case in order to proceed to the next location. Enter the portal to the right of the Green Cookie to move to the next phase. Second Phase After speaking to Catherine, talk to the Myst Case NPC again to change your sprite into a Red Cookie. Similar to the first phase, you need to stay transformed while venturing; otherwise, Cruisers will spawn in large numbers around the room. If you somehow entered the portal you came from before finishing the second phase, you need to go back to first room and transform into a Myst Case again in order to go back to the second room. There are 10 workers (Green Cookie NPCs) throughout this room. Talk to them and listen to their stories. You cannot move, cast skills, or use any consumables while the workers are talking, but monsters can still target you at this time. After talking to all 10 workers, there will be another announcement and all remaining monsters will die. Proceed back through the portal you came from, and then enter the north portal to move to the next phase. Third Phase Walk to the middle of the room to trigger a dialogue between Santa and Antonio. After Antonio disappears, enter the portal to the left. Here, there are many mobs, but only Antonio needs to be killed. After Antonio is killed, there will be another announcement, and all remaining monsters will die. Note: Antonio may also spawn in the room where the dialogue with Santa took place as well, so be sure to check before proceeding through the left portal. Go back to the center room, and then enter the right portal to move to the last phase. Boss Phase Listen the conversation between Catherine and Celine Kimi. When it finishes, Celine Kimi and her phantom will spawn. Information about Celine Kimi She is Large Size, Ghost 1 Property and Undead Race. She has a large spongy Max HP (20m ~ 66m, depends on party size, 20m if solo, 66m if party of 12), high def, and high mdef, so it's best to have high ASPD AoE skills to take her down. She has the ability to obtain a golden aura for 10 seconds at a time; while she is in this aura, all attacks will reflect back in a screen wide AoE. It is best to avoid attacking her while the aura is up. The aura can be preemptively seen by Celine Kimi having long cast bar, and the use of the /hp emoticon. She also casts Pulse Strike, Power Up, Critical Wounds, Area Soul Drain (represented by a cast bar with /mp emoticon), Area Stone Curse, and Area Sleep. While in Power Up, her attacks can hit for around 15k without any reducts, so be prepared. If she was separated from her phantom, the phantom will heal Celine Kimi for a large amount. Make sure the Phantom is always close to her and that damage is done to both of them simultaneously. If she is moved too far from the area where she spawns, the fight will be completely reset, so make sure you do not drag her too far away. It is recommended to stay next to the wall above where she spawns to keep her in place, as well as to prevent the knockback from Pulse Strike. If her current HP is off by 1% compared to her Phantom's, the Phantom will heal Celine Kimi for 6% of her max HP. Finishing the Instance After Celine Kimi is defeated, walk through the southwest portal to treasure room. There will be 10 treasure box NPCs which will drop items when clicked. Enchantments NPC at (xmas 240, 294) will enchant certain items for 15 Bloody Coins per attempt. There is a chance of failure in which the item is destroyed, and enchants cannot be reset. Item(s) Slots Success Rate Enchants Hurt Mind Kind Heart Red Lantern Evilspirit Gloves 4th Slot 95% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~2 3rd Slot 70% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~3 2nd Slot 50% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~4 Old Parasol 4th Slot 100% Fighting Spirit 5~10 Sharp 3~5 Matk 1%~3% Spell 6~9 ASPD 6%~10% ASPD +1 Celine's Ribbon Lush Rose Shadow Walk 4th Slot 100% Fighting Spirit 2~5 Sharp 1~3 Matk 1%~2% Spell 3~6 ASPD 6%~10% 3rd Slot 100% Str/Int/Dex/Agi/Vit/Luk 1~3 Please refer to this site for complete guide. thank you.
  7. This is the final guide for Nidhoggur's Nest follow the instruction below please refer to this site:'s_Nest_-_Onward_to_the_New_World for the entire quest. Thank you =). Nidhoggur's Nest - Guardian of Yggdrasil Contents [hide] 1 Quest Order 2 Guardian of Yggdrasil 3 Nidhoggur's Nest Base Level: 70 Quest Order First Quest Second Quest Third Quest Fourth Quest Fifth Quest Sixth Quest Final Quest Onward to the New World Quest → New Surroundings → Attitude to the New World → Report from the New World → Ring of the Wise King → Two Tribes → Guardian of Yggdrasil Pursuing Rayan Moore → Tripatriate Union's Feud → Finding a Fairy → Guardian of Yggdrasil Talk to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper at (nyd_dun02 99, 199). How to reach the gatekeeper: Enter Yggdrasil Dungeon at (spl_fld01 368, 112). Enter the portal located at 3 o'clock of the map (nyd_dun01 252, 144) (not shown on minimap). The portal markings on the minimap are exits only. Once in level 2, walk right until you've reached a cliff. Control the "Strange Device" at (nyd_dun02 137, 274), and cross the canyon by stepping on the circles. Stepping anywhere outside the shown circles will return you to the bottom right corner of the previous map. After crossing the cliff, follow the path consisting of stairs and roots until you've arrived at a gate at (nyd_dun02 99, 199). Tell Commander Agip (mid_campin 90, 121) about the cave you found, he tells you to find Historian Magniffer. Ask Historian Magniffer (mid_camp 271, 299) for help. He tells you to visit his assistant in the Pronteralibrary. In the west Prontera Library (prontera 120, 264) Talk to Assistant Naomi (prt_in 171, 94), and she will give you several papers to read. Return to Magniffer, he tells you to go investigate what the Laphine and Sapha know. Chose to go to either the Laphine or Sapha. Laphine: Talk to the Grumbling Soldier in the Splendide (splendide 198, 178), and ask him about the tree. Inside the central building (splendide 197, 191), speak to the Laphine Commander (spl_in01 110, 60). Sapha: Inside the building in the far right of Manuk (309, 142). Talk to the Laphine Prisoner (from the entrance, go north). Talk to Neat Etorr (upper right of the same building). Return to Magniffer, he tells you to speak to Commander Agip to get his opinion. Commander Agip decides to ask both tribes for help exploring the cave. This will force each to help you to prevent you from getting help from their enemy. You are presented with a choice of which tribe to go to in order to seek assistance. Laphine Branch: Speak to the Laphine Commander, and threaten to ask the Sapha's help if she refuses hers. She will agree to help and ask you to talk to Aide Arioss. Aide Arioss (spl_in01 104, 56) will give you a token to mark you as a guardian of the yggdrasil and tell you the password to get past the door. Sapha Branch: Return to the building in Manuk and talk to Neat Etorr again. Talk to the Laphine Prisoner twice. At this step you can now enter the Nidhoggur's Nest Instance. After you clear the instance, talk to Yggdrasiliad in the final room. Note: The instance is very difficult and will require a strong party to complete. AND IF YOU FAIL IT HAS A 3 day COOLDOWN Nidhoggur's Nest With 2 or more people in your Party, the party leader must speak with the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper at (nyd_dun02 99, 199) and "Accept Admission". After the dungeon is created, speak to the Yggdrasil Gatekeeper again to enter the dungeon. Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again with with the shortcut Alt+B. Note 2: There is a 2.5 hour time limit for completing the quest before the instance is destroyed. Speak to the Murdered Yggdrasilid near the center of the main room. (213,277) Kill 12 monsters named "Nidhoggur's Guardian". Go to floor 2 via the portal at the north end of the room. Note: If you get disconnected at anytime after going to the 2nd floor, you will be unable to re-enter the instance until the cool down has expired. Shortest path through the maze Work your way through a short maze. At the end of the maze, you will warp to the boss room. Once the party leader steps forward Nidhoggur's Shadow will spawn at the center of the room. Approximately every 3 min while fighting Nidhoggur's Shadow, the entire party will be warped to 1 of 4 side rooms. They will receive several Status Effects that last for 30 seconds and ignore all resistances/immunities. 3 Ryncho and 2 Phylla will spawn in the side room with the party, they must be defeated before the party can leave the room. Southwest (red) room; HP-75%, Bleeding Ailment (icon does not show) Northwest (blue) room; HP-50%, Frozen Ailment Southeast (yellow) room; SP-50%, Sleep and Chaos Ailments Northeast (green) room; HP-25%(?), SP-50%, PoisonAliment Note:The monsters are able to leave the room before the party is, which makes them impossible to be killed. Be sure not to let this happen. Players will not be able to enter another Nidhoggur's Nest instance until after three days. Chose if you want to go to Splendide or Manuk for your reward. (Currently not possible to complete this last step at the moment) Splendide: Talk to the Laphine Commander, and then Arioss. You will receive 150,000 Base EXP, 3,500 Job EXP, and 10 Splendide Coins. Manuk: Talk to Etol, and then with the Laphine Prisoner. You will receive 150,000 Base EXP, 3,500 Job EXP, and 10 Manuk Coins. Category: Nidhoggur's Nest Quest
  8. bump!!
  9. 1. Please increase the summon of bapho. jr. @hidden dungeon 3 so we can farm easily. 2. Please make token of seigfried tradable. 3. Please increase additional atsp for mjol as you increase the doppel effect so it would be fair for mjol user. 4. and if possible please increase the card drop rate of thanatos coz it seems like we are having hard time to get the card even though we tried a lot of times every 2hrs as per its cooldown. and PLEASE also be active sir coz some players are waiting for your replies and response. Your response and concern is very much appreciated thank you and God bless.
  10. any update please
  11. this was my first time to encounter a problem after defeating kimi and opening some boxes it shows crashed why? =( almost 2 hrs of killing kimi.
  12. up sir =)
  13. noted sir i will stay online to assist them.
  14. So it will be effective starting today? coz we have woe later. =)

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