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  1. pls make buster sword upgradable so it will be useful tnx
  2. the diiference between the two weapons weight is 5 only..but the diff. in aspd is too high
  3. why is it they have different aspd..they r both using doppel???any explanation??
  4. no plans of fixing this skill GM?galit na si ako d ako makapag palvl!!!!
  5. this skill not working pls fix it thank you
  6. paul maangas ka... hahah
  7. +10vman2 +10qb next auction
  8. sir how about Rider Insignia [1] can you increase the drop rate of this item its only .15% chance if im not mistaken..thank you its to hard to hunt this item because of the mob rate of the monster
  9. maybe a bloody branch would be better so we can summon boss monsters
  10. mvp drop rate too low..have u change it gm???its been 1 week im hunting mvp's no card at all woot happen??
  11. it says i can claim my reward
  12. what happen cant connect to the game.. always failed to connect to server
  13. gm pls add chemical protection in point shop thank you. this will be beneficial for pvp. woe.. pvm
  14. fri..sat..sunday 10-11pm

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