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[Instance] How to access Sky Fortress Instance

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First you need to complete the "New World access quest":

1. Go to the Eden Group Headquarters and then talk with the Cat Hand agent, who is situated near the desk on the first floor (ground floor).

  • Choose "Why don't you collect it yourself?", and then "I'll help the merchants".

2. Pay the one-time fee of 50,000 zeny, and he will then teleport you to the quarantined area of the Sograt Desert.

3.Walk east and then talk with the cat  (moc_fild20 368, 197)

  • Choose "Let's do this!", and he will then teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge.

4. Walk north and then talk with the Cat Hand agent.

  • Choose "To the other world!", and he will then teleport you to the New World

After you complete the "New World Access quest" proceed to Prontera 121,72

Complete all Royal Banquet "MAIN" Quest to have access to "Destroyed Prontera" where the original Sky Fortress entrance is located. 

Royal Banquet Ref: https://irowiki.org/wiki/The_Royal_Banquet

when asked by nillheim to report first on [Friedrich S. Heine] Location prt_cas_q 21 83
Type /navi prt_cas_q 24/78
IF He says you need to talk tomorrow, then you need to wait until 4:00AM game time to finish the quest.

Once youve finished all quest, to enter Destroyed Prontera again:

  1. To reach the Destroyed Prontera from the past, go in the Prontera Castle inside your room. /navi prt_cas_q 26/30
  2. Speak with Chamberlain Bell and summon Nihill. He will warp you to the Past Memories of the Royal Family.
  3. Speak with Nihill again and he will make a Dimension Warper appear. Use it to go back in time.
  4. After using the Dimension Warper, Head towards the left corridor and use the portal below and you'll be warped to the Invaded Prontera map.

Sky Fortress Instance Ref: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Sky_Fortress

NOTE: This instance is unlocked halfway through the Banquet for Heroes questline after completing the Room of Consciousness instance. Inside the darkened Prontera map, you will find the instance entrance on the east side of the map and speak to the Scientist to book your instance.

Scientist Coordinates: prt_q,249,79

vHwWnoM.jpgRemember to always bring Token of Siegfried with you! Happy Hunting!
After entering there is a 3 Day Cooldown, if you want to enter ignoring the cooldown you will be needing a -Dungeon Pass- From [Deviantz Quest] NPC


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