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      NEW DONATION PROMO UNTIL NOV 25,2018   10/17/2018

      +50% Credits on donation for minimum of 200 PHP / 4 USD donation
      plus free 5 pcs Halloween scroll! and For Every 10 USD spent players can choose from Package 1:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Arch Angel Wing
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 2:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Fallen Angel Wing
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 3:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      30 HD Bradium
      30 HD Carnium
      5 pc halloween scroll Players can have mixed packages.
      Donation Link: http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=donate
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      [Event] Pintados Festival Activated!   11/19/2018

      Pintados festival is now activated!
      You can now create your "Agimats" on Tattooist

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      Server Maitenance for Big Update!   12/14/2018

      Server Maintenance for Content Updates.
      Start Time: December 16 | 1:40AM GMT+8

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[Instance] List of instances available on the server

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List of instances available on the server

1,Endless Tower
2,Sealed Catacomb
3,Orc's Memory
4,Nidhoggur's Nest
5,Mistwood Maze
6,Malangdo Culvert
7,Octopus Cave
8,Bangungot Hospital 2F
9,Buwaya Cave
10,Bakonawa Lake
11,Wolfchev's Laboratory
12,Old Glast Heim
13,Eclage Interior
14,Sara's Memories
15,Geffen Magic Tournament
16,Horror Toy Factory
17,Faceworm's Nest
18,Ghost Palace
19,Devil's Tower
20,Assault on the Airship
21,Fenrir and Sarah
// 22,Wave Mode - Forest ,(Coming Soon!)
// 23,Wave Mode - Sky ,(Coming Soon!)
// 24,Nightmarish Jitterbug ,(Coming Soon!)
25,Isle of Bios
26,Morse's Cave
// 27,Temple of the Demon God ,(Coming Soon!)
28,Central Laboratory
29,Last room
// 30,Charleston in Distress ,(Coming Soon!)
31,Ritual of Blessing
32,Room of Consciousness
33,Sky Fortress Invasion

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