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      NEW DONATION PROMO UNTIL NOV 25,2018   10/17/2018

      +50% Credits on donation for minimum of 200 PHP / 4 USD donation
      plus free 5 pcs Halloween scroll! and For Every 10 USD spent players can choose from Package 1:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Arch Angel Wing
      30 pcs Temporal Crystal
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 2:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      1 Fallen Angel Wing
      5 pc halloween scroll Package 3:
      1 GM Refine Ticket
      30 HD Bradium
      30 HD Carnium
      5 pc halloween scroll Players can have mixed packages.
      Donation Link: http://mayaanserver.net/cp/?module=donate
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      [Event] Pintados Festival Activated!   11/19/2018

      Pintados festival is now activated!
      You can now create your "Agimats" on Tattooist

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      Server Maitenance for Big Update!   12/14/2018

      Server Maintenance for Content Updates.
      Start Time: December 16 | 1:40AM GMT+8

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Other Suggestion

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here we go again!

1. May we have a buffer and Identifier on known and Populated HQ or save points.
the buffer you decide what amount of zeny to avail, this should be free for VIP.
to have the special buffs or ordinary buffs of bless and agi only.
2. to have Enrich Bradium and Carnium in cash shop
3. to have lhz cards as those in hunting shop before placed in eggs which would include other job specific items.
4. to have a monthly hat to wear which would give special NON PVP or MVP effects.
5. to have Cash Boxes or Enrich Boxes tradable.
6. to have refine ticket tradable.
7. to have the candy seller sell us in given amounts. Not 1 candy per talk.
8. to have crit double attack implemented. 
9. more cash quest with lower CD time.
10. to have more accessory in hunting store.

thank you and more power.

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