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[Donation Guide] Smart Padala

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  • Donations are not refundable in any way at all.
  • Please be reminded that by donating, you are helping Mayaan Server to be alive.
  • Please understand that when you donate, you are not buying items from us, we are simply showing our gratitude for helping the server by giving you items in return.
  • You are not forced to donate, it is your own choice.
  • Once you donate, you are much appreciated for helping this server but when you break a rule, you'd still be vulnerable enough to get sanctioned accordingly.
  • We will not be responsible if any funds are lost due to hack or scam, It is your own responsibility.
  • It's your responsibility to interpret and fully understand this donation matter and that by donating you, therefore, are declaring you're fully understanding regarding the agreement to this policy.
  • Current Credit Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD or 50 PHP = 1 credit(s)
  • Minimum Donation Amount: 2.00 USD or 100 PHP

Donation Process

The donation process is very simple. First, the administrator will add a Donation Credit(s) to your account, then Purchase in donate section in website [Add cart then click checkout] and You can claim your Mayaan Server Proof of Donation from MayaanRO Item Redeemer in prontera (149,175).


How to donate using Smart Padala?

1.Go to any nearest Smart Padala Store/Outlet
2. Provide our Smart Padala Card Number
5299 6768 1089 7104 and amount of money
4. Cashier will ask for your contact number.
5. Wait for an SMS Confirmation before your leaving the store.

Smart Money Account: 5299 6768 1089 7104

After donating, send an Email servermayaan.donation@gmail.com with the following:

Reference Number:

Account Username:

In Game Name/IGN:

Senders Name:

Senders Address:

Amount of Donation:

Please forward the confirmation of Smart Padala to this number:

CP NO: 09216932468

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5 hours ago, Paul Gatsby said:

i message you. or i'm online in aero mayaan for pending donation. pm me pls

Donation done.

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