Experience Drop Rate Mvp Drop Rate
Max Level : 175/60 Normal Etc. : 20x Mvp Etc. : Modified (upto 25x)
Server Type : Renewal Normal Eqm. : 20x Mvp Eqm. : Modified (upto 20x)
Exp Lv. & Job : 80x/40x Normal Card : 1% Mvp Card : 3%
Job Change Quest : NPC Job Changer


Card Ban, Item Ban, Skill Ban
Megingjard: Ban in WOE and PVP
Gospel : Disabled in WOE and PVP


Commands Explanation Example
@commands View list of commands ingame -


Full Renewal Mechanics up to Episode 16.1 Content
Official Dungeon Instances
Monthly Ladder Rankings for each category (PVP, MVP Hunter, Emperium Breaker, Brewer, Blacksmith, Etc...
Achievements system w/ Rewards
RoDex (New Mail System)
Hourly Rewards
Cash Shop Enabled
Kafra Shop with convenience and cosmetic items
Over 2,500 Unique Headgear Looks
In game events for every major holiday
Daily Login Rewards
PvP Points Shop
Custom Items
Custom Quest
God Items Quest
Automated Event
Askydun Quest
War Over Rune
King of the Emperium
Guild of the Month
Agit King
Guild vs Guild
Party vs Party