Experience Drop Rate Mvp Drop Rate
Max Level : 255/80 Normal Etc. : 2000x Mvp Etc. : Modified
Max Status : 99 Normal Eqm. : 2000x Mvp Eqm. : Modified
Exp Lv. & Job : 2500x Normal Card : 2000x Mvp Card : Modified
Job Change Quest : NPC Job Changer
265 Quest : Located in Askydun


Card Ban, Item Ban, Skill Ban
Shadow Poring Card : Ban
Megingjard: Ban in WOE and PVP
Eske Skill : Disabled in WOE and PVP
Gospel : Disabled in WOE and PVP


Commands Explanation Example
@time View server time -
@balance View info RoK's Ex. @balance
@refresh 'Refreshes' your display. It helps to correct position lag. Ex. @refresh
@noks Protects you from being Kill-stolen and records the potential KSer's name. Ex. @noks self, @noks guild, @noks party
@whereis Displays the map name and amount of spawn of the monster you specified Ex. @whereis
@showexp Displays EXP gained (in numbers and percentage), requires Guild Chat Display to be on. Ex.@showexp
@jailtime Shows your remaining jail duration. Ex. @jail.
@hreward if you want to check the time accumulate per minute. Ex. @commands


Achievements system w/ Rewards
RoDex (New Mail System)
Hourly Rewards
Cash Shop Enabled
Kafra Shop with convenience and cosmetic items
Over 2,500 Unique Headgear Looks
In game events for every major holiday
Daily Login Rewards
PvP Points Shop
Custom Items
Custom Quest
God Items Quest
Automated Event
Askydun Quest
War Over Rune
Official Dungeon Instances
King of the Emperium
Guild of the Month
Agit King
Guild vs Guild
Party vs Party